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"You're not Queen yet, Charlie, you know that right?" Drake said to her, causing her to suddenly stop her movements and peek at him from the hood of the Kia she'd been working on all morning.

"Huh?" she said, her brows furrowing. "You mean there's rules around that too? For such ruthless guys you do follow a lot of rules."

Drake laughed, shaking his head at her. "We may break the law a few times, but our rules are sacred," he said, smiling at her. "You can't be Queen until Frank marries you."

Charlie made a face of disgust. "You're kidding right? I can't just be Queen I have to marry someone?"

Drake laughed even more. "I thought you loved Frank?"

"I mean of course I do but why the hell do I have to be Queen only when I marry Frank? Was me leading you guys to destroy the Angels not Queen material enough?"

"Oh trust us," Cobra said, entering the garage with Leon. "It was beyond badass but we got sacred laws in the club and that is the ultimate sacred law."

Charlie pursed her lips, turning back to the Kia as the two men went upstairs to speak with Frank. Although she was initially angered by the sexist views this club had on women, her mind wandered to the thought of marrying the man. She imagined what their wedding would be like and even what the honeymoon would be like.

"Don't too sad about it, Charlie," Drake said. "I'm sure he's gonna pop the question any day now."

"Do you even know Frank?" she said, laughing with him. "I honestly don't give a damn, as long as I can be with him that's enough for me."

Sure that was true, but the wedding. Charlie smiled like a school-girl at the thought of a big wedding with all of them. Hell, the thought of marrying Frank was enough to get her all giddy and her stomach fluttering. For the longest time, she never thought of marriage or having kids like many of the other girls did her age but now she found herself thinking about it more and more. 

She dreamed of the day she'd have a wedding, she'd buy a house, have kids; it was startling how her mindset had changed so quickly in just a short amount of time. It seems everything in her life was far better than it ever had been. After spending years being unwanted by parents and partners and family, she had believed she'd never get the true happiness a part of her wished for. However, now that she was with him, everything seemed to be different, for the better.

"Hey, where you guys going?" Drake called to Cobra and Leon as they came down the stairs. 

"We're working on the armory still, wanna help put these shelves in?" Leon said, slapping Drake on the back roughly.

They laughed together and Drake followed them back to the clubhouse, causing Charlie to glanced up at the second floor behind her, hoping to see Frank emerge from down the steps, but he never did. Sighing heavily, she sat the wrench aside and headed upstairs, knocking on his bedroom door.


"Whaddya want, woman?"

"Don't woman me. What have you been doing locked away in there all morning?"

"None of your business."

She grimaced at his audacity and sighed. "Fine then, I guess I won't finish your new bike."

In almost an instant he swung the door open, glaring at her through his mask. She crossed her arms over her chest and raised a brow at him. His glare fell and he chuckled. "What's the matter?"

"Why didn't you tell me I'm not Queen yet?"

"I didn't know you wanted to be Queen so badly."

"Frank," she said in a warning tone. "I'm being serious here. You should've at least told me there's more to it than me just being called Queen."

"There isn't more to it," he grumbled. "I just gotta--" he stopped, the words getting lodged in his throat.

She smiled triumphantly. All she wanted was to see him squirm and he was. The big, bad, devil was squirming from just a simple phrase. "You gotta...?" she questioned, trying to force the words from his mouth.

"I know what you're doin'," he grumbled, wrapping an arm around her waist and pulling her to him. "You want me to say it, huh?"

"Well, it'd be nice if you did."

"And here I thought you were more into it being special."

"Well, sure--"

He let her go, placing his hands on his hips. "Then you'll have to wait."

"Oh?" she said, smirking wildly up at him. "So, you are planning it then?"

His eyes widened slightly, his hands falling down and a blush creeping on the back of his neck. "Get back to work woman."

She smiled happily, turning and walking away, swaying her hips as she went, hearing the groan of anger erupt from him. She was enjoying her time with him far too much. She headed back downstairs to the garage, moving to the Kia once again, picking her wrench up and resuming the repairs she had been working on.

"Keep your mouth shut," spoke a voice all to familiar as a barrel of a gun was pressed to the side of her head. She went deathly still, hearing the gun be loaded. "Put the wrench down and keep your hands where I can see them."

Charlie sat the wrench aside slowly her hands staying out in front of her as a cold sweat broke on the back of her neck. She fought the urge to tremble, keeping her body incredibly still. In that moment, she had just wished Frank would come down the stairs and help her but not a single sound was heard nor made.

Charlie took a shaky breath, shutting her eyes to try and calm her racing heart.

"What do you want, Fury?"

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