Chapter 14

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"Go downstairs before you miss breakfast." Chester spoke and I sighed knowing that I should. I had been gone for way too long as it is. Breakfast was almost over.

"Okay be safe!" I ruffled his hair and ignored his small complaints as I made my way out of his room. As soon as I made it into the hallway I felt as if I were in trouble. They sent me to go get Chester 15 minutes ago. If I miss breakfast I'll get in trouble...

I flattened down my skirt nervously as I made it down the hall. When I neared the balcony and peaked around the wall and peered down into the living room. Nobody was there which meant class hadn't started yet. My suspicions were confirmed when I heard the sounds of forks scraping against glass plates and laughter from the kitchen. I sighed in relief once I noticed they were still eating breakfast.

I quickly made my way down the spiral staircase and hurried to the kitchen.

"Why did it take you so long to come back? And where is Chester?" William asked as soon as I stepped foot in the kitchen and my heart nearly stopped.

"U-um he's not feeling well he's uh he's sick." I nodded as if I was trying to convince myself.

"Yeah he's sick so I don't think he was in the mood to eat really." I lied the worst lie I could ever tell. Really?? Sick? Chester never gets sick.

"Chester knows that breakfast is mandatory. He has to at least drink some water  or eat an apple if he doesn't feel like eating an entire meal. I'll go have a word with him." The man insisted

I stepped in front of William before he could walk any further.

"Actually I needed to talk to you it's really important plus Chester went back to sleep. You know how he is when he gets woken up." I laughed nervously and William arched an eyebrow at me.

"What did you need to talk about?" He asked and I could feel the sweat dripping down the side of my face.

"It's so hot in here haha it's making me anxious. Could you go turn on the air condition maybe? And I'll tell you when you get back?" I stalled not really having anything to talk to him about. Chester owes me a big one if I get in trouble for this.

"Sure." William spoke slowly as he eyed me for quite some time. He was trying to read me trying to see if I would break at his long gaze, but I didn't. I was stronger than that and way too much of a brat to just give myself up so easily.

"Fine." He sighed in defeat as he walked away to go turn on the A.C.

I went to sit at the table but when I reached for my plate it was grabbed by two big hands.

"It's cold now so I have to warm it up." Theodore chirped happily as if he were enjoying his morning or something and I frowned. When Theodore is happy that means we get homework.

"Thanks.." I grumbled with crossed arms

"You shouldn't frown so much Rosie. When you get old-"

"I'll have frown lines I know I know." That only made my frown deepen. It's not like I did it on purpose.

"Breakfast is served." He put my now hot plate in front of me and I smiled a little.

"Thank you.... Happy Birthday Sebastian." I muttered so quietly I almost hoped he hadn't heard me. He looked up at me from his spot across the table and I could immediately tell he was not in headspace.

"Thanks Rosalie." I scowled when he used my full name. His deep voice was still thick with sleep and his hair was a mess. Although it did have some charm to it. I could tell he had simply rolled out of bed and walked downstairs. I don't think he'll get in trouble for not wearing uniform since it's his birthday, but if that's the case I don't think Chester will get into trouble either.

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