Chapter 15

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Chester POV

"Hmm what would Sebastian want?" I mumbled to myself as I walked down the toy isle . Part of me felt like I was doing something wrong. The kid just turned 18 I'm pretty sure he's not going to want another stuffed animal.

Shit maybe he would??

I hesitantly set down the stuffed bear and thought about what I would want. Outside of his head space me and Sebastian were actually a lot alike. We both like video games, sports, and music. I could probably get him something that has to do with one of those things.

"Hey there ! I seen you shopping around a little bit and wanted to know if you were finding everything okay." A voice spoke from behind me. I saw her name tag first Liz. My eyes trailed up to her wide doe eyes and I could immediately tell what this was.

I looked behind her to see about 3 of her friends looking at me from the cash register. I took my shades off and they quickly turned around when they seen me looking. I inwardly rolled my eyes but still managed to smile.

"Thanks Liz I really appreciate you checking in on me, but I think I'll be able to find what I'm looking for on my own." I tried to keep it short and sweet but she had other ideas.

"Wait."She stepped in front of me when I tried to walk around her and I smiled slowly trying not to show how irritated I was getting.

"Yes Liz?" I arched an eyebrow at the girl and she blushed. Wow. Really Liz? That's all it takes to get you going?

"Um.." she glanced over her shoulder and her friends were looking at her still.

"Let me guess they sent you over here to get my number or something ?" I asked with my hand held out gesturing for her to hand me her phone so I could get out of here already.

"Well that's not-"

"Oh really? Because now I just feel like your wasting my time." I narrowed my eyes when I looked down at my watch. I definitely missed some classes. Esme is going to be so pissed.

"I'm sorry they just dared me to come talk to you and I thought maybe we'd um..." she lowered her voice and looked around as if she were checking to see if anyone was listening. "Kiss? I don't know." She shook her head nervously and took a few steps back.

"I'm sorry this is so inappropriate. You're just here trying to shop and I'm  harassing you." She gave an apologetic smile and a light bulb went off in my head.

"Yeah ... I agree." I put the items I had grabbed back onto the shelf and crossed my arms. "There is something that you can do for me though." I stood a little closer to her and leaned against the shelf that was next to me.

"Y-yeah anything." She nodded

I reached for her curly blonde locks and toyed with the ends, with the tip of my fingers. "Your hair is so soft, what shampoo do you use?"
I hated blonde hair.

She blushed and bit down on her bottom lip shyly."Uh.."

"You know what don't tell me it's good to have a little mystery to you sometimes." I smiled when she took too long to answer my question. Obviously she wasn't used to making the first move.

"Well what can I help you with." She smiled as she took a step closer.

"Today is my brothers birthday and I want to get him something nice." I spoke in a low voice so that only she could hear. I brushed my thumb against her cheek before putting my hand back into my pocket. " Really nice you know?" I mumbled as I looked down.

"Did you have anything specific in mind?" She asked

"I was thinking I could maybe get him a wii system and some games. He'd  love that."

"Of course I can show you where they are-"

"The thing is I'm in a bit of a hurry and that line is way too long for me to wait in. His flight is leaving in about an hour and 45 minutes so I've got to get to him before he makes it back to Chicago." I made up a random lie hoping that it would work.

"I can't do that.." her smile slowly started to drop when she realized what  I was asking her and she looked more than nervous.

"Please baby?" I mimicked the pout she wore on her face and she blushed "If I were you I would pin in it on my least favorite co worker." I whispered in her ear as I headed towards the back of the store confidently.

"Okay fine but you can't come back for a while after this. I'll get in trouble for real." Her hands shook as she tried to unlock the door that read authorized personnel only.

"You're a real bad ass for doing this you know." It was important that I made her feel secure in what she was doing. It could end badly for both of us the moment she changed her mind.

"What's your name ?" She asked as she grabbed some games and the wii system. She wrapped it up in a black bag before hesitantly handing it over.

"Oliver." I lied

"You don't look like an Oliver." She smiled shyly and I took a few steps closer to her.

"You still want that kiss?"

"Oh you owe me a lot more than that." She smiled as she slid her cold fingers underneath my shirt. My jaw clenched at her unwanted touch, but I had to do this for Seb.

"Is this okay?" I asked when I placed my hands on her hips I didn't actually know where to put them.

Especially since I wanted no part in touching her anyways.


"Lizzette are you back here?" I stumbled back when I heard a man's voice and she pointed behind me with wide eyes.

I turned around to see that she was pointing to one of the exits.

"Just go!" She mouthed and I nodded without a second thought.

I ran out the back door and hopped into my guards car.

"Is everything okay?" He asked when he seen how frantic I looked and I simply laughed when I looked down at the black bag I was holding tightly onto.

"Just drive Mr.Evans. Just drive." I tried to catch my breath as I let my head fall back against the seat.

I'm just so glad that I didn't have to fuck that girl.

Laters baby😏

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