Chapter 13

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His lips on mine ... the taste of peppermint dancing across my tongue. His firm grasp on the lower part of my back, holding me as if I were a glass doll.

"Ugh William-"

I shot up out of my sleep slightly disoriented. My head whipped from side to side frantically as I searched for what was making that god awful noise. My alarm clock had fallen off of the nightstand at some point so I had to make an effort to climb out of bed to turn the damn thing off.

"That fucking dream again..." I mumbled sleepily as I scowled at myself In the darkness.

At first they were just dreams, but it's gotten way worse. I'm saying Williams name in my sleep now... he's heard it before. Not only do I sleepwalk down the hall where his room is sometimes I actually go inside and curl up on his bedroom floor. He's carried me back to my bed repeatedly despite me waking up and nearly having a heart attack he always says he doesn't mind.

William sighed and rubbed my shoulders for a moment before dropping his hands down at his side. I tried my best not to shiver at his touch.

"I guess what I'm really trying to say is that I loved getting to know you and I hope you have a wonderful birthday. You deserve everything you want."

Williams words bounced around in my mind as I thought about yesterday. Did I really deserve that? Had he meant everything.... everything.

What if he was one of those things I wanted.

What if he already knew that...

I sighed and shook my head as if the intrusive thoughts would simply leave my mind. Here I was fantasizing about one of my foster fathers. This could only end terribly.


Rosies faint voice snapped me out of my torturous thoughts and I looked over towards the door. She invited herself into my room as usual and climbed onto my bed. I welcomed her with open arms and she snuggled right into them.

"It's too early for your bullshit." I joked sleepily and she giggled

"I don't know what you're talking about I just came to say Goodmorning to my best friend before class starts." Rosie beamed innocently and I flicked her forehead.

"Which you by the way still have to attend. Just because you turned 18 doesn't mean you don't have to sit and listen to Theodore preach about mechanical science and the art of advanced literature for 5 hours a day." She pressed and I groaned.

Being homeschooled had its ups as well as it's downs. "But it's the day after my birthday." I complained childishly. This time Rosie was the one flicking my forehead.

"Ouch!" I frowned and she slid off the bed. Her skirt flew up in the action and I quickly looked away. I was suddenly thankful that the sun was barley rising and that it was kind of dark in my room, because she would've definitely asked why I was blushing.

"Anyways get dressed Esmerelda made pancakes and eggs for breakfast and I think William made bacon and toast."


"I'm not hungry." I lied and she tilted her head slightly.

"Hm? That's new you're usually a fat ass, but even if you aren't hungry breakfast is still mandatory you know that. Unless you want to be forced to write lines.. that's not very fun you know." Rosie pouted and I chuckled a bit.

"Well I wouldn't know if it was fun or not anyway because I'm not a spoiled rotten brat." I teased.

Rosie and Sebastian were the only ones who ever got punished for things because they didn't listen. I listened.

"No you're just too much of a chicken to break the rules and have a little fun. Even Sebastian knows how to bend the rules a bit."

"Sebastian doesn't count. He's just a kid." I dismissed her argument and she rolled her eyes.

"Only in little space but when he's in his right mind he's a total asshole and he's scary. Scarier than me and you put together so he's not a kid plus .... oh my god it's his birthday today."

We both gasped in realization. How could I forget that me and him were only a day apart.

"Crap it totally slipped my mind!"I panicked slightly I hadn't even bothered to get him a present. "Uhh hand me my wallet!" I stuttered feverishly as I watched Rosie dig through my top drawer.

"Here." She tossed it to me and I quickly opened it up. I silently counted 92 dollars and chewed down on my bottom lip in deep thought.

"I think you should just give him money." Rosie shrugged carelessly and I gave her a flat look. "If anything at all." She added and I rolled my eyes at her.

"What? me and him don't even get along." She defended and I slid out of bed.

"Well you should try harder. I'm pretty sure Seb is going to stay here just as long as I will."
I spoke as I took off my shirt to slip into another. I slid on some jeans and struggled to put on my socks.

"Hey do you think they'll let me go to the store really quick?" I asked and Rosie snorted as she played with my LED lights.

"No. Not before class anyway." She spoke

Something in me just couldn't accept that awnser. Seb is the closest thing I'll ever have to a little brother and I know for a fact he'd be just a little bit disappointed if I didn't get him a gift. It was already eating me up inside that I had forgotten that it was his birthday in the first place.

"I don't think he'll care if you don't get him anything."

"No I know him. He'll pretend like he doesn't care in the moment and then he'll go hide somewhere and cry about it hours later." I frowned an how unenthusiastic Rosie was.

"Sounds like a personal problem to me." She rolled her eyes defiantly as she twirled her wavy blue hair around her finger.

"I'm going to run to the store really quick." I finally spoke after a while of thinking. I quickly slid on my shoes and stuffed my wallet in my jeans pocket.

"You'll get one trouble Ches. Plus don't you need permission to use one of the cars? You don't even have a license!" Rosie stuttered in confusion and I caught myself smirking a little.

"Aw don't tell me you're worried about me Flower."

"N-no it's just so unlike you that's all." She scoffed "I wouldn't waste a second of my time worrying about you. I'm too busy for that." She shrugged and I rolled my eyes with a smile.

"Yeah okay and to awnser your question I'm not going to drive one of the cars I'll get the guards to give me a ride. They don't have to know I wasn't given permission. All they know is that I'm a resident which makes me a V.I.P." I winked cleverly and Rosie raised her eyebrows in surprise.

"I stand corrected. It seems you do know how to bend the rules a little."

"Just a little." I smiled even though my heart was pounding. This would be the first time I've ever broken a house rule. I'm hoping I get off with a warning.

Homeschool sucks anyway.

Laters baby😏

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