Chapter 5

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What do you do when your bored?


Dinner wasn't as awkward as I thought it would be.

It was way worse.

"Soo you and Seb have the same mental disorder or something?" Rosie asked after observing me for a few minuetes and I nearly jumped at the sound of her voice. It was still feminine, but she sounded so aggressive when she spoke, and the only thing we both had in common was the resting bitch face she currently had on.


"For da last time I don't has a disorder!" Sebastian pouted and crossed his arms childishly as he glared down at his chicken nuggets and macaroni.

"Inside voices buddy." Theodore spoke softly with a patient smile.

"That's enough Rosie." William spoke and Rosie looked down at her plate of spaghetti. I looked down as well with slightly raised eyebrows. I had barely even muttered a word to the girl and she already hated me.

"It's just a question." She muttered

Part of me was silently questioning how a girl that was so Pretty could be so mean. Rosie looked like she could be one of the popular girls at my old school. Except she wouldn't be the cheerleader.

No... she would be the popular rebel that all the girls hated and all the guys wanted. Her short blue hair was as wild as the oceans waves and stopped right above her shoulders. Her bangs were cut evenly across her forehead leaving most of her thin yet neatly arched eyebrows covered. She had freckles that danced across her cheeks and made her dark brown eyes sparkle a bit. Her lips were pink and plump and she had a piercing that went through her bottom lip. It looked cute and stylish but I imagined that it was very painful to get done. She also had a septum piercing that went through her nose. The same nose that was currently scrunched up in disapproval.

"What are you staring at." She scowled as if I had offended her in some way.

"I was jus...ah-" I stuttered not being able to find the right words. In reality I had just mildly checked her out, but I wasn't going to tell her that.

"I don't like the tone that you are using to talk to her Rosie." Benjamin frowned a little and Rosie looked back down at her plate and twisted the noodles around with her fork.

"Apologize." William ordered and Rosie let her fork fall against her glass bowl making a loud echoing sound.

"Why?" She spoke as she let out a frustrated sigh and Chester ran a hand through his hair.

"Rose ...Just do it." Chester spoke up. "You're being rude to her for no reason." He pointed out and I wanted to disappear in that moment. The last thing I wanted was more attention on myself. "She just got here for christ sake." He sighed.

"Thank you Chester but I don't need your help." William spoke sternly and Chester looked down at his plate in silence. It was only then that I had noticed that his hair had also been dyed blue. The same color as Rosie's actually. Except his hair was shorter then hers and was a wild mess. There was something about him that I just couldn't put my finger on. Well besides the fact that I'm pretty sure he liked me as much as Rosie did.

"Say sorry right now Rosemary." William demanded and Rosie frowned a little.

"M'sorry." She mumbled as quietly as possible.

"Excuse me?" William questioned and Rosie sighed and looked up at me with those razor sharp brown eyes.

"I'm sorry June." Her eyes flickered to the side and I saw Chester giving her some kind of look as well. "For being rude." She added and I shrugged a little.

"It's okay." I mumbled quietly not wanting to sound too childish. I learned that the quieter I spoke the harder it was to hear if I was using my little voice or not.

"Where's Esme?" Sebastian whined as he pushed his now empty plate aside and Theodore sighed.

"Esmerelda is working late tonight Seb."


" She told you this remember?" Theodore stood up and went to grab his plate while my eyes watched his skinny figure disappear into the kitchen and then come back out. Theodore was still masculine but unlike most guys, or at least the really fit ones he was exceptionally slim and skinny. He didn't have much muscle on him but I found it oddly attractive.

"Who's Esme?" I asked quietly as I tugged on Benjamin's shirt and the way he looked down at me made me blush.

"She's a close friend who lives here as well." Was all he said as he turned back to his plate to finish his food. His jaw line looked even sharper from this angle.

"Oh.." I mumbled

"Are you going to eat or just stare at everyone and piss them off?" Benjamin spoke quietly and my eyes watered. When I didn't reply he turned to me and his eyes widened slightly.

"I'm sorry." He mumbled when he noticed my eyes getting watery.

"Why crying Junie?!" Sebastian nearly yelled and everyone looked over at me. Sebastian came to my side slightly towering over me but quickly leaned down to hug me and I gasped at the small gesture. He smelled like honey and Dove soap. It was a very nice scent. His warm embrace meant everything because it was so genuine and I felt like he actually cared.

"I not cwying." I cried harder simply because I hadn't been hugged in so long it felt strange yet pleasing in a way.

"Whats going on love?" Theodore asked as he crouched down next to my chair and when Sebastian pulled away I quickly wrapped my arms around Theodore and he picked me up without asking anymore questions. I watched as he walked away from the table and Sebastian waved sadly as if I were leaving forever. I waved back and laid my head on Theodore's shoulder as he carried me up the stairs.

"Sowwy." I sniffled feeling pathetic.

I ruined dinner.

"Shh no apologizing love you're just tired." Theodore cooed and I felt my eyes getting heavy and my grip on the back of his shirt loosened when he laid me down on my bed.

He kissed my forehead and only one word surfaced to my mind when he tucked me in.



Laters baby😏

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