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The life of an ordinary salaryman is a series of ups and downs. Wake up, get nagged by the boss, stare a hole through the computer while working; work, numbers, tables, accounts; people reminding you of your single life, get exhausted, beer and ramen for night and two hour sleep, this schedule goes on and on till a peaceful weekend, after that make sure to accept that nasty nagging again! Like hell does anyone want to do such a job.
"Ah, Kuroda San! Are you interested in those manga too!my son reads this a lot you see"
Shizukawa Tobio, the annoying kouhai said with a mocking expression in his eyes, he sure has a thing for making people feel pathetic, the sweeter he makes his words, the more horrible it feels to listen to them. Somehow his mocking face and his way of looking down on people feels more horrible after an hour long nag from the department chief.

If I could quit this I would have done so long ago. While others look at me with the eyes of pity, after all I am the department chief's personal punching bag. He sure is typical over things that are so useless that they can be changed. If he wanted to fire me over carelessness or any other excuse, he would have done that long ago but for some reason I still get all those piles and piles of work that he throws at me as a "gift" after the nag session. Am I supposed to be happy that I didn't collapse or die of overwork. Probably, but why do I feel so shitty all of a sudden?

The place I call home is a small one room apartment which contains most basic facilities that every human being needs. Every night, after the work's exhaustion, I am too physically and mentally exhausted to cook something for myself, so these days I get the spiciest ramen from the nearby convenience store. The slurps of spicy ramen followed by a chug of beer is the best to refresh at night. My glances soon shifted to the manga that I read during the break hours. The whole idea of reincarnating or transmigrating into some other world may not be that bad after all! Let's see: If I was like one of these protagonists, I would have probably opened a cafe there. the idea of being a businessman in itself is very interesting in general. While I sit there at the office, slaving away, and obeying the arrogance and orders of my superiors, which I truly hate, I want to try being my own boss for once. Going on adventures, hunting monsters stuff is super boring in my opinion, the way these manga protagonists kill a living being and feel nothing about it at all is questionable somehow, moreover I am too peaceful for all that.

After finishing the ramen and my fair share of beer, I went to get a warm soak at the bath tub. When the temperature became just right, I settled in. The drowsiness from the work started kicking in, I think I might end up sleeping in the bathtub, but it's okay I guess.. I am too tired to think of anything. Soon everything became engulfed in darkness
It was darkness, pitch black if one would dare to describe it, pitch black nothingness- not even a ray of light could be seen. Soon a bright star appeared twinkling in the middle of it which felt like an oasis in the middle of the desert. I grew closer and closer, as the distance shortened it became clearer and clearer as a bright, sparkling white light ball. As I moved further, it sucked me in. Pitch black Darkness followed that blinding light.

As my senses came to be, I found myself in the middle of something that seemed to be a banquet. The architecture of the place was unique. Gold and silver laid out at the ceiling highlighting unique designs and patterns. Massive Chandeliers, European clothes, European classical music, the luxury was blinding and overwhelming. The food laid out on the tables was sure extravagant.
"...must be some big shot huh.."

A loud noise of trumpets interrupted the music but soon blended into the background.
A familiar looking handsome man with platinum blonde hair and ocean blue eyes made an entry into the hall. All the activities stopped in the middle as men bowed their heads to show their respects, and women showed their courtesies. Was it an aura or the strange smell coming from him that instilled fear and dominance? A browned hair bishounen(pretty boy) joined him, and they walked together, hand in hand, affectionately. I feel this strange sense of familiarity towards most people here, though this is genuinely the first time I am looking at them. Especially this innocent looking boy towards whom I feel strong disgust and them walking together and all really pains my heart somehow.
I turned my face away to see other people in the room peeking glances at me. Their looks make me feel like I am surrounded by a thousand Shizukawas, do I need to mention those silent whispers and gossips that remind me of my horrible school experiences?
The chatty Atmosphere was broken by the increasing intensity of price's sweet perfume and an increasing feeling of being crushed under a weight. Everyone stopped what they were doing and immediately faced the prince for whatever he was going to say. His piercing blue eyes and face full of hatred and disgust aimed at me.
And the s*i**y diss track began.
"This dominant OMEGA (emphasis on that) fiancé of mine has brought an extreme disgrace towards our holy kingdom. Not only did he associate with the demon race, which puts a shame to our centuries of humanity's resistance against the evils and atrocities of the daemon race,
Blinded by envy, he also spent the entire year ganging upon and harrassing Alton Ealasaid von Fürsten, my DEAR friend and son of count Fürsten."
Whispers followed...
"...As expected of an Omega, if they see alphas they can't control themselves, they lose their all to pheromones"
"..He dared to cheat on the crown prince... "
"Azeleas are doomed now, will they disown him? To prevent taking responsibility?"
" A demon!? Those vile savages and barbarians which use detestable dark Sorcery?"
"...Sir Füsten must have had it rough, that's why they say two omegas will always be enemies."
"oh how that delicate sir must have suffered from his tyranny!"

The couple who supposedly won the favour had a satisfactory smirk on them. The innocent and delicate "friend" looked like an embodiment of all evil on earth at second.
The platinum blonde continued:
"As the crown prince of this kingdom, I Travishu McKinley de Régulariser, hereby annul my engagement with Alistair Franz de Azeleas."

Did I read too much manga... Just what the hell is this...? This is so damn cliche that even a rat wouldn't
Flinch on hearing this.

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