Meeting Him

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----Slender Man--

You walked out of the front doors of your school mentally pleading for your headache to go away. You had to deal with the most annoying girls in your school that day. It just so happened that your history teacher wanted you to partner with them. Frustrated, you tried to leave as fast as you could, slamming your locker shut. You wandered around hoping to find a quiet place to rest. You were just so frustrated with your friends and those rude girls that thought picking on you was a means of entertainment. Not realizing you were entering the woods. you just realized how you were lost, and alone. You sat down against a huge tree and started bawling your eyes out. For two reasons now, you were lost and you overly stressed. You heard a static sound, you looked up to see a tall man in a black suit with no face, He seemed to be glaring at you. He started walking towards you. Frightened, you froze up, panicking. He stood in front of you. One of his long arms touched your cheek, wiping away your tears.

"What seems to be the problem? " The man asked. You were too terrified to even talk so you only stared at him. He chuckled softly before petting your head and teleporting away. When you got up from the tree you saw a note attached to it. The note read, 'See You Soon. -Slender Man' You stood in shock, That was Slender Man?, You thought as you took the note and smiled. You then made your way out of the woods. Once you got home you taped it on your wall to remember the day someone actually cared enough to ask how you were

~~Jeff The Killer~~
After Dinner you headed up to your room. (A/N It Was About 6;30pm) You started doing your homework, since you spent your whole day photo shopping youtubers, because come on, who doesn't ship Dan and Phil. You started your homework after checking your phone and scrolling a bit through your social media. You had just rested the phone down when you heard a strange noise. You, being suspicious, went over to check it out. You opened the window and looked around, but when you didn't find anything. You assumed it was your little brother throwing rocks at your window. You went back to your desk, ignoring the constant clicking on your window. Soon once you finished your report it was dark out, and you had since blocked out the constant clicking.
You started getting ready for bed, and turned your light off. You had trouble sleeping all night, feeling as someone was watching you. Feeling restless, you peeked an eye open to see a shadow of what appeared to be a man. You were no idiot, you weren't just going to sit here and wait to be killed. He had along knife and blood covered white hoodie. He seemed to be startled by your awakening. He held a knife up above his head, like he was intending to sneak up on you. Your hand gripped your lamp by your table and you ripped it from the chord slamming it over the mans head.
You kicked his stomach. He dropped the knife and staggered back. You picked up the knife and pinned him to the ground throwing the knife under the bed. You repeatedly hit him over the head with the lamp all while yelling at him to get out.


"I like you.... your tough unlike the others I've murdered..." He said grabbing your wrist to stop your violent antics.

"What? Murdered?!" You whisper-screamed. He nodded mischievously. You loosed your grip, shocked that he was a murderer. He took advantage of this, and rolled over so he was on top of you.

"See you soon!" He smiled before trotting to the window going back to wherever he was heading. You lied there confused and full of adrenaline. You looked over to see he left the knife in your room and under your bed. You picked it up looked over the dried up blood on the knife. You saw the name 'Jeff' engraved in the handle. You bit your lip put it in your drawer covering it with your underwear so your parents wouldn't see it.
----Laughing Jack--

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