They Want To Spend Time With You

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You were causally hanging out in your room doing homework. This would count as 90% of your grade, and you were NOT going to fail. You kept postponing your dates with Slenderman, knowing this 10 page report had to be done. The worst was that you knew nothing about the government and stuff. Which was what you were assigned of course. Forgetting you had arranged for Slenderman to stop over, you read your book trying to get as much Information as possible. You heard Slenderman Come in but didn't bother going to greet him. It wasn't like he didn't know his way around the house. Sighing you looked up seeing him in the doorway. Looking back down at your book you soon felt tendrils playing with your hair.

"Slender. Not now." You said and he looked at you sadly. You returned to your book and loaded up your computer while he left. After a while of typing he came in with your favorite drink, the way you like it. (Make It Something That You Have To Make. Like Coffee Of Hot Chocolate) You looked at him sadly,

"Slender. I'm busy..." He then placed the cup in front of you, and tried cuddling you. You finally snapped and looked at him,

"Look. I'm busy. B-U-S-Y. So just... I dont know leave!" You yelled pushing him off. He looked at you sadly,


"Leave!" He nodded and left sadly knowing you just wanted good grades. He didn't take it to heart knowing you sometimes got like that..

Jeff The Killer

You had been playing with Sally, helping her with dressing her Barbies. You had spent most of your days with her now, since Slenderman made the you her babysitter. Now that you were a creepy pasta, everyone loved you... Well.. Except Liu. But that wasn't a surprise so it's all good. Yeah you chuckled as Sally talked about the gross kid in her class everyone called 'stinker'. Apparently he was the kind of kid who dug in the dirt, and ate the bugs he found. You chuckled a bit and told her about your elementary school experience as you heard Jeff snicker,

"Bae, why are you hanging out with her. Your like three times her age." He rolled his eyes walking over to you and wrapping his arms around your waist. He pushed him off

"Jeff. I'm working." You said as he stumbled back. You continued to play with Sally and he came back again. With his knife. Yay. He took your shoulder and shoved you against the wall,

"Love me or I'll slit your throat" he threatened and you chuckled.

"Dare you." You chuckled knowing he wouldn't. He sighed looking down and kissed you,

"Can we please... Just cuddle.." He whined and you chuckled shaking your head.

"Later." You smiled and he nodded happily skipping off, as he yelled in fear when Ben came around the corner dressed like a zombie

Ben Drowned

You had the hardest week of school and it was finally, FINALLY spring break. And now you were resting by playing video games and talking to people online. You were emerged in the game so you didn't notice Ben trying to cuddle to you to get your attention. He sighed when he couldn't and looked down and pressed random buttons on your controller making you scream.

"Ben. I'm. Busy!" You yelled slapping his hands away, he sighed and ran out of the room and got a zombie mask. He was about to ask Jeff for some help. He turned the corner where Jeff saw him and screamed. Ben sighed and shook his head knowing he would have to do this on his own. He planned to scare you, and then comfort you........ By cuddling! :D He crept along the couch, and popped up in your face where you punched him, aiming for the forehead. Ben cried in pain as he took the mask off. You apologized seeing a bruise form on his temple and tried making up for it by attending it. In the end, Ben had won the battle of getting you to cuddle.

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