He Cheats On You/You Break Up

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Slender had been treating you extra specially the past few days, and you wonder why. He was never THIS sweet. He told you, to come out to the garden one night to talk to you about 'serious things' you wondered what was happening. You headed outside and saw Slender looking nervous, he was fidgeting and playing with his fingers. You walked towards him and asked what was up.

"Well.... You see... Remember when I was away for awhile for my business to take care with Offenderman.." He started out breathing heavily. You looked at him weirdly

"Slender what's going on..?" You asked confused.

"He had some girls over that night and..." Slender didn't finish his sentence before sighing and looking at me.

"Are you serious? So that's why you wouldn't answer my calls all night! You were just having some fun with some other girls?!" You yelled. He looked at you,

"Can you still accept me...?" He pleaded. You credited his honesty but he still cheated!

"I thought you loved me... What happened to 'Darling' and 'Sweetie'?" I asked tears filling my eyes.

"I do! I do love you! I thought I should be honest!" He said taking hold of your hands.

"Don't touch me." You demanded jerking your hands back.

"I suggest you leave.." You sighed. He was about to say something before he said,

"I accept your decisions. I would do the same..." He sighed and teleported off somewhere before his tears slipped before his eyes. 'I just wanted to be honest... But a gentleman wouldn't have had fun with others when he was already with one..' He thought as he replayed all his memories of you, letting the tears fall.

~~Jeff The Killer~~

Jeff seemed distanced the past couple days. He would barely talk to you and was always on his phone. One day he was 'out with the others', so you decided to go out for a bit, you called up your friends and met up at a local bar. (If your underage they allow you) You had just ordered your favorite drink when your attention was grabbed by a couple dancing very...provocatively. You headed back to your friends and they pointed out Jeff. You looked over to see he was the one dancing with this blonde girl with fake tan and caked on makeup. You slammed your drink down and walked over to him furiously.

"Jeff?!" You yelled. He looked over at you and immediately stopped. Everyone start at you guys.
"___...." He whispered shocked. He walked over to you but the girl grabbed into him.
"Come on Jeff!~" she slurred. He shook her off and walked over to you almost in tears.

"_____, It's not what it looks like!" He started. You laughed little,

"Oh really? You getting drunk and dancing with some random girl? That tells me you've been doing this for while now, and not planning on telling me." You said calmly. You looked at your friends,

"I'm going to have to cut this night short.." You said. You picked your drink up and threw it at Jeff. Then you took your leaving bursting into tears as soon as you got out.

~~Laughing Jack~~

L.J had been 'very busy' with poisoning children. But you had an urge to eat some candy so you went up into the attic and dug into his candy stash, making sure to avoid the ones with black wrapping. Searching for your favorite you found one that also said 'For My Girl'. I took it out and it was a completely different flavor. You dug through and found more of those with different writings like 'I Love You' or 'For My Hunny Bunny'. This confused you, why would he have these. You finally found your 'special' wrapped lollipop (or sucker depending on where you live) You grabbed the ones that weren't your favorite and examined the closer to find one that said 'I Love You (Enemy's Name)'

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