Without Him. (Plus His POV Without You!)

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I Merged These Two Topics Together Hence It Would Be To Short

Your Pov- 
You had been an utter mess since the breakup. How could he do that? All you could think about was all the memories. But you know what? You didn't deserve someone who wanted another girl for a night. No. You are much more worthy than that. Although it took a lot of Netflix you soon got over the breakup. Your friends helped you through this also. You tried everything to get Slenderman off your mind and it finally worked when someone knew entered your life...

Slenderman's POV~
I miss her.... Why was I so stupid to do that?! Reading reminds me of when we read together, the pastas can be as annoying as she was sometimes. There are signs of her everywhere. At the forest I'll always lurk around the place we first met hoping to find her one day. She would've come by now.. It's been a week. What if she moved on? What if she forgot about me? I almost let a tear slip at these thoughts. It can't happen, she was destined for me.... Right?

~~Jeff The Killer~~
Your POV- 
You had isolated yourself from the world and all social media. You didn't want to see your famous boyfriend online with the fan accounts and such. You would always question if he ever loved you. All that effort and time in the relationship to be cheated on. Sighing you turned around facing the wall on your bed, and tried sleeping off these feelings. But what you didn't know, was someone would come and change everything.

Jeff The Killer- His POV
I've gotten back into drinking ever since ____ left me. Takes my mind off of things for a little bit. Yes, I do kind of feel bad about what happened. I'm not to worried about her moving on, I have plans to get her back. I laugh I but in my drunken state, no she couldn't find another..

Laughing Jack
Your POV~
You had avoided all, candy and carnivals for the past couple of days. You didn't need to be reminded of that lying cheater. How could he think, he would get away with that. It was bound to happen that either me or the other girl would've found the other candy. Though I'm not mad at her, it's Jack. My tears were soon replaced with anger. But soon my anger would disappear...

Laughing Jack's POV~
I can't believe it. I was so stupid! I just lost the girl of my dreams because of my stupidity. At the carnival it's been slow, leaving me with my thoughts for awhile. You know, planning on getting her back and stuff. I know she won't move on, she still loves me. Just a little mad that's all..... I hope...

Eyeless Jack
Your Pov~
After the incident with Jack, you actually felt good. Knowing that now your free from this backstabbing cheater was like a weight lifted off your shoulders. But let's be real, you were a little heart broken. All that time gone to waste! You did all this stuff for him, and that's what you get in return. But thankfully someone new came into your life....

Eyeless Jack's POV~
I've been a mess for days. Why? I messed everything up.. It's hard waking up everyday knowing I can't have contact with her. She doesn't even want to see me. I even tried playing with Sally to get my mind off of her but it didn't work. He was determined to get you back..he just didn't know how.

Ben Drowned
Your POV~
After Ben, you actually started emerging yourself into video games. Even though it reminded you of him, that didn't stop you from having fun. Yes, you started getting #1 in the lobby. Your life now consisted of pizza,snacks, and Xbox. Best life ever, right? But all of this came crashing down when you saw Ben get in the lobby, you immediately exited and broke down a little. Maybe you weren't completely over him..

Ben's Pov~
I've been watching her for days through her computer screen. I see her playing video games, and I'm dying just to come through, hug her from behind and play COD with her.. I haven't left my room for the longest time and Slender is starting to get worried. It'll be okay once I get her back.

Lost Silver
Your POV~
Ever since Silver's assumptions, you were honestly angry with him. He couldn't even trust him! But you over thought things a lot, what if it was an excuse to break up with you? You highly doubted it but it was still possible. You had locked yourself away in your room, writing all your feelings down trying to make yourself feel better. Although thankfully, someone would come through and listen to you...

Lost Silver's POV~
Lost Silver was an absolute mess. He hated himself for ruining his first, real relationship. His jealousy took over, and refused to leave his room. Even to eat, or drink. He became really depressed thinking of everything you guys would do. The other pastas would try driving him out of his room but he would push them out, and keep looking at pictures if when you two were happy. But this gives me motivation, to get her back.

Doctor Smiley
Your POV~ 
You were quite depressed. How could he not trust you? After all you did for him. You wouldn't even think about cheating on him. But it was his fault, you don't deserve someone who didn't trust you. You knew he did it out of jealously, but he could've at least asked you about it. Either way you were locked up in your house, thinking about everything. Thankfully, someone could pull you out of this depression....

Doctor Smiley's POV~
After everything happened with ____, I've been feeling terrible. I have no motivation to kill, or anything really. I've found the attic of the mansion, which is now where I stay and look out through the window, in the direction of her house. I ruined everything, my happiness. Apparently, no one has noticed me not showing up for dinner and such because Slender hasn't even confronted me. Shows how much I'm loved... But you know what? I'm going to get her back. I have to...

Homicidal Liu
Your POV~
You were angry at them. How could Liu let Sully do that?! You knew Liu could take control if he really wanted to. Even to convince Sully not to. It wouldn't surprise you if Liu was in on it, and trying to blame it on Sully if you ever found out. But you were determined to move on, get someone who is faithful, and committed to one  relationship. Thankfully, your determination would pay off.. 

Homicidal Liu's POV~

I can't believe that just happened. I should've stopped Sully when I could. Hey, it's not my fault I wanted a little bit of action. Sully! You ruined everything with ____. She won't take me back, even if I tried! True, but there are many girls that can replace her. No! There isn't, Sully! She was meant for me! Now you just ruined everything. But either way, I'm still going to try..

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