First Date! (^-^)

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((A/N The Creepypastas Asked You Out On A Date The Day After He Asked You Out))


Slender had asked you out the day after you had gotten together. Although you had to wait a week because he was busy with the proxies. You had been excitedly waiting for the day to come. You out on a nice frilly pink dress/ Jeans and a top. (A/N Pick Your Outfit) You excitedly waited for Slender to pick you up at your house. When he suddenly teleported into your bedroom your heart almost burst,

"Slendy! Don't scare me like that!" You said holding your chest.

"Sorry, ___, I didn't mean to scare you..." He said looking down. Your heart finally calmed down, and you said,

"Slendy! It's ok! I'm not mad at you!" He looked up to see you smile which made him 'smile'. Or at least you thought he was smiling.

"So,___ I found a perfect spot for our date!" He said excitedly.

"Your not even going to tell me where we're going... You could be murdering me and I'd just be FALLIN in your trap." You complained.

"Well..... You'll find out soon!" He said before taking your hand in his. You saw he had some sort of basket in one of his tendrils.

"Slendy? Whats that?" You asked.

"A basket?" He answered briefly you decided to leave him alone. He then teleported away to the meadows.

"Omg This is beautiful!" You exclaimed. You hugged him, which made Slender's heart beat faster.

"I figured you'd like it..." He said as he pointed to picnic blanket . You ran towards the blanket. Slendy teleported to the blanket, and you two shared an amazing lunch. You ended up sitting on his lap, and watching the sunset. ((You arrived at 1 And stayed there for a while))

--Jeff The Killer--

You had been waiting for Jeff. He had asked you out on a date two days after you got together. You wore your favorite outfit that wasn't to dressy because you were only going to the movies. But he wouldn't tell you the movie, sadly, which got you nervous. You waited until he knocked on the door. You opened the door to find a ordinary looking Jeff with his white hoodie.

"Hey ___!" He said as he handed you some chocolates.

"Jeff you didn't have too~" You cooed.

"Well I'm going to need a snack for later when we come back... so I kind of had to.." He said. You rolled your eyes at him and set it on

"What? You thought that it was for you?" He scoffed. You slowly nodded.

"Fine I'll share.." He said as he took your hand leading you out of the house. He locked it behind you. You tilted your head and he noticed.

"What? You think I don't have a key to your house?" Jeff laughed as he walked you to the movie theatre. He bought you popcorn and snacks to share.

"What movie are we watching?" You asked.

"As Above So Below. Figured it would be funny." He said as he pushed you into theatre 3. As the movie started you thought it wasn't that bad, but once the paranormal things happened, you covered your eyes. When the paranormal things happened Jeff laughed out loud, the whole room of people turned to him

"Jeff I'm scared I don't like this!" You said clutching his arm.

"Your ruining the comedy ___!" Jeff said laughing. You left, you couldn't take it anymore. Jeff followed you and hugged you.

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