You Try To Get Him Over His Fear (Part One)

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Idea From: @CreepypastaGirl644

Split Into Two Parts Because These Are Pretty Long.


When you pranked Slenderman with spiders, it was really funny but now its annoying. He would run from your study room, into your room and beg for you to kill a single spider. You had gone to the pet store and bought a two tarantulas and a couple big spiders. You texted Slenderman that he was welcome to come over. He happily came unknown to what was about to happen. He teleported to your living room, while you were in your room.

"Slender! I have a surprised for you!~" You sang. He came to your room to find spiders crawling all over you. You happily looked at him and he freaked out big time.

"___! What are you doing?! They're going to eat you!" You opened your mouth to reveal one of the bigger spiders in your mouth. He screamed like a little girl. You let the spider out of your mouth, picked off the ones crawling over you, and placed them into a box.

"Slender dear, you will not teleport away, and if you do, I'll tell ALL of the others about your fear.... I bet Jeff would love to hear about it.." You said grabbing his hand. He sighed and nodded. You lead him to your bed and sat the box in between the two of you. You took hold of his hand, and held a spider above it. He was obviously nervous, because he was shaking. You dropped the spider into his hand and he screamed,

"It's going to kill me! Get it off! Get it off!!!" You laughed, and took the spider out of his hand and put it on his knee.

"____! Stop!!" He cried as the creature moved along his leg. To then took the spider and put it into the box and grabbed the two tarantulas. You placed one in your mouth and he flinched. Ypu placed the other on his face and that was it for him. He made the most high-pitched, deadly scream ever. You laughed and apparently your neighbors heard and knocked on the door. You answered and explained the situation. You never got Slender of his fears of spiders..... ;(

~~Jeff The Killer~~

Jeff was scared of snakes, but you happened to love snakes. {I do...} He wouldn't go near, Fang, your pet snake. You were holding him in your hands stroking his scales when Jeff came in.

"___! I'm here!" Jeff announced as he walked into the living room to see you and Fang.

"___! Put that away! I'm not going near it!" Jeff said hoping onto the opposite couch.

"Jeff. He's harmless.... Just don't anger him." You said calmly.

"How am I supposed to do that?" Jeff asked not looking at Fang.

"Just don't umm.... I don't know!" You said walking over to Jeff and he immidatly went to the other couch.

"Come on he's harmless." You said motioning him to come over.

"NO!" Jeff screamed.

"Look Jeff I'll break up with you!" You jokingly threatened. He didn't take it as a joke, and his scared face turned into a petrified face.

"Wha-" He trailed off.

"Jeff take a joke.. just come here!" You said and pulled him over to the couch. He flinched, just looking at the snake. Soon you "gave up" and sat down next to him "putting" the snake in its "cage". In reality it was in your pocket so when Jeff was finally calm you ended up throwing Fang at him.

"OH MY GOD. ___! HELP!" He screamed running from the couch. Happily the snake wasn't happy with his behavior and started going after him.

"______" He whined. You started laughing knowing that he was on your kitchen counter hiding from the snake below him.

"So.... Your not like un-afraid of it?" You said using terrible grammar.

"No..." He said defeated. Sighing, you took Fang and put him in his cage.

Laughing Jack.

So you and LJ were in his carnival. He wouldn't go on any of the bigger rides and this frustrated you. Nor, would he let you ride them because some guy maybe flew off one. He was handing out unharmful candy today, why? I don't really know. I don't think he had anyone on his list today.

"Jack~ I'm hot. I'm bored. Help." You complained baking in his cart. (Idk What its called >.<)

"So? What am I supposed to do?" He responded.

"Um. Be a caring boyfriend and take me somehwhere air conditioned.... OR one of those rides." You responded.

"No. and No." He stated handing out candy. You walked over and put the closed sign up, aming all the kids whine and walk away.

"Why did you do that!?" He screamed.

"So you can be the BOYFRIEND you are and take me on that ride." You stated glaring at him.

"But ____.."

"No. We're going. I'm showing you that they are harmless." You stated taking his hand and pulling him out of the cart. You brought him to the biggest one there.

"Yay! We're here!" You exclaimed. Jack's face was full of worry, and put on a fake smile.

"Yay..." He said unenthusiastically. You waited in line anxiously, and you were strapped down to the seat, LJ next to you.

"I'M GONNA DIE!" He yelled as the roller coaster was reaching its peak. Everyone started laughing, he was the only one scared.

"No your not clown!" Some kid yelled. He hissed at them and thats when it hit the drop. You forced LJ's hands off the handle and forced them up.

"No hands!" You screamed. He quickly had them firmly on the handle. Soon it was over and LJ exclaimed,

"Again!" You happily agreed and you went on more rides after that.

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