His POV + Besties

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        --SLENDER MAN- HIS POV--

        ___ and I have been hanging out everyday since the incident in the woods. We would meet in the woods, after she was on her way home from school. She seemed to open up to me, telling me about all the bullies and 'populars'. Man I wanted to rip their head off. One day I was waiting for her in the woods, beside the tree we had met at. She was running late, and I started to worry. But was calmed down once I saw her running to me.

        "Hey... sorry... I'm late...."  She panted.

        "Don't worry about it.. What happened." I said lifting her onto a tree branch. I sat on the tree branch next to hers. She smiled at me, which made my stomach flip. Ignoring the feeling, I leaned against the tree.

        "Well I had this sudden urge for StarBucks. And you can figure the rest out". She joked. I smiled at her. (Back To Your POV)

        Slender laughed at your comment. As you adjusted yourself on the branch you slipped and fell. Once you landed on the ground with a loud thud. You and Slender both laughed hysterically. You laughed so hard your stomach started to hurt, which made Slender laugh even more. You got up and brushed the dirt off of you and Slender got down from the tree.

        "Lets not do that again..." He joked. You tried to glare at him, but ended up laughing again. He laughed with you and he banned you from tree branches for a month.

        --Jeff The Killer- HIS POV--
      ___ and I have been hanging out ever since that night. We had become great friends, and I would go to her house everyday until I had to do my 'job'. I climbed through her window to find her doing homework.

        "Homework? Seriously? You could be hanging out with perfection instead of that." I joked. She seemed startled and turned around to me. She laughed at me.

        "Hey Jeff! What brings you to my room?" She asked laughing.

        "The urge for a sandwich." I answered smiling at her. She gave me an annoyed look, and took my hand leading me to the kitchen. When she touched me, my heart skipped a beat. I erased this feeling, and focused on getting my sandwich. (Back To Your POV)

        Your POV:  I had lead Jeff downstairs to make him a sandwich.

        "What do you want? PB&J or Ham and Cheese?" I asked looking in the fridge. He was silent for a minute until he said,

        "All of it," You stood there shocked.

        "All of it? That will taste terrible." You informed him.

        "Says who?! I want it, you make it" He said smirking.

        "Whatever...." You said before grabbing all the ingredients and putting them into one sandwich. You handed the sandwich to Jeff. He nodded at you before taking a huge bite. He looked at you in disgust, and made a weird face before running to the sink. You blocked him off.

        "You want it. You eat it."You said. He made a pleading face before forcing himself to eat it.

        "Delicious right?" You smirked. He looked at you annoyed, when you started laughing. He started to laugh with you before he threw the sand which at you. It went all over your outfit, and Jeff laughed even harder. You took a scoop of Peanut butter and smeared it in his hair. You both stood there laughing at each other.

        --Laughing Jack- His POV--

        I was waiting in at the amusement park for ____ to show up. We had come here everyday to hang out, It was like I actually had a friend, besides the other Creepypastas. I decided I'd surprise ___ with her favorite Ice cream. After I bought the ice cream I had waited for her.

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