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And Yes That's Me ^^^ As Jeff The Killer ^~^
Song Credits: SpongeBob SquarePants

You sigh sitting in your living room. Of course you didn't have anything to do on Halloween, your friends either ditched you or were already busy before hand. Looking down, you saw you got a text from Liu. (Obviously Sully)


You: Uhhhhhhhh home?¿

You were confused. Very confused.

Sully: Did you like... Not get the text Jeff sent earlier? -.-

You: No. I actually didn't.
After a few moments your phone buzzed twice, one from Sully and one from Jeff.

Sully: He forgot to send it. Anywayyyyyyyyy you should come over...have a sleepover with me ^~^

You rolled your eyes and texted that you would be over in a few to hang out with the pastas.


You smiled as you arrived at the Mansion. You knocked on the door happily to see Slenderman. You smiled and kissed his cheek as he blushed a crimson red

"Happy Halloween." He smiled letting you inside to see a bunch of drunk creepypastas. You chuckled a bit looking at him,

"Why aren't you drinking?.." You asked curiously as you closed the door behind you.

"I have to make sure they dont...mess up the place too badly." He chuckled a bit leading you into the kitchen which was quieter since they were drinking in the Dining Room.

"I'm glad you came" I smiled at you as he searched the cabinets for something. He pulled out a few things with his tendrils/tentacles. One of them being Marshmellows. You smiled looking up at him,

"I figured we could hang out outside...away from the others." He smiled as you nodded going out to the backyard where he started a bonfire. You sat in one of those foldable chairs as he kept the fire going. Once it was set he set up another chair next to yours. You started telling ghost stories to each other, and his were very..violent and graphic.

You were having a good time with him until you heard the back door to the house slam shut. Footsteps hurried their way over followed by a loud gasp

"SULLY! GET OVER HERE!" The voice yelled. You reconfized it as Jeff as he ran over to the fire and sat on a log in front of you guys. Sully came out running and sat next to Jeff as he gasped.

"OUR SONG!" Sully yelled excitedly as Jeff smiled and started singing

"Let's Gather 'Round  The Campfire
And Sing Our Campfire Song,
And If You Dont Think That You Can Sing It Faster
Than Your Wrong
But It'll Help If You Just Sing Along~" They sang in unison as they continued the song.You laughed a bit and looked at Slender, and kissed him lightly. He kissed back and whispered,

"I love you.."

~~Jeff The Killer~~

You sighed as you got to the CreepyPasta Mansion. You knew you wouldn't go near Sully and mostly try staying around Jeff. E.J opened the door and half smiled letting you in. He was a man of few words, but you considered him as a friend. He simply told you where Jeff was and you nodding, thanking him, and heading to the dining room where he was drinking.

"Hey! ___! You made it." He smiled wrapping his arm around your waist

"You wanna get Spoopy?" He smirked as you rolled your eyes laughing a bit. He smiled and lead you to the Living Room where Ben was playing video games,

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