You Move On + He Tries To Get You Back

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While you were angry at SlenderMan for having fun with other girls, your friends tried cheering you up by bringing you to a carnival. You didn't want to go but we're basically dragged out there. While they were playing a game you snuck into one of those old, abandoned fun houses. You walked in, and sat in an old booth and checked your phone.

"____?" A voice asked. You jolted up and looked to see Laughing Jack.

"Jack! You scared me!" You said playfully hitting him.

"What happened with you and SlenderMan?" He asked. You explained everything.

"Well.. You know I'm here for you." He said wrapping and arm around you. That day you bonded like
CRAZY. Who would've known you two had so much in common. A couple days of hanging out later, he asked you out. You of course said yes, now that your mind was completely off Slender.
The next day SlenderMan was going to try to get you back. LJ was over your house relaxing and talking, a movie playing in the background. There was a knock at the door and you went to answer it. There you stood directly in front of Slender, who had roses and chocolates.
"Slender I don't have time for this." You told him about to close the door when he stuck his foot in between the gap.

"No, ____-" Slender was caught off when he heard LJ's voice,

"____! What's taking so long?!" You looked back at Slender and eyed him,

"LJ's here?" Slender asked. You nodded.

"LJ, child, you don't need to help me get ____ back." Slender chuckled. LJ walked up to the door,

"What'd you mean? We're dating" LJ smirked kissing your cheek. Slender's face became red from embarrassment.

"Oh... Sorry to trouble you then.." Slender said, his shoulders dropping. He walked back into the forest, thinking of how bad he had messed up.

~~Jeff The Killer~~
Your friends decided to take you out to the mall, since a whole new collections of Halloween costumes came out. The ones they had the week before were terrible, so you headed out. As your friends were trying on some more, sexy, costumes you were still browsing. You bumped into Homicidal Liu, who was looking in the weird monster section.

"Liu, that you?" You asked approaching him.

"Oh hey! Your Jeff's ex right..?" He asked awkwardly.

"Yeah.. He cheated. So I'm over him" you say looking at the ground.

"You know, he's been really angry, and depressed lately.." Liu sighed putting the costume back.

"Yeah but that's his problem. He's the one who ruined everything." I say looking him in the eye. Liu looked back at me,

"Finally! Someone understands how I hate Jeff!" Liu sighed happily. You guys talked, long enough to realize your friends totally ditched you! Liu gave you a ride home and you two were ranting about Jeff. A few days went by and he asked you out, and wanting to forget Jeff you agreed.

A few days later, Liu invited you to the mansion. You agreed, oblivious to Jeff being there also. You had arrived at the mansion and Jeff answered.

"You came to take me back, I knew it.." He smirked and went to hug you. You backed away from the hug,

"___, Why else would you possibly be here? Come on you can't keep secrets from me." Jeff said, smiling like an idiot because he thought you went to get him back. You laughed a bit,

"I'm actually-" You were cut off by Liu,

"She's here to see her boyfriend." Jeff's facial expression was instantly changed to a shocked look.

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