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Hey Guys! Author-Chan here! Umm As You Can See From The Title, I Am Putting Up An Official Request Box In The Comments. I Don't Do Personal Requests Like Name/Hair/EyeColor Stuff Because I Want It Eligible For All Readers. I Take Character AND Scenario/Topic Requests. NO INTENSE STUFF. I Is Sorry But I Don't Feel Comfortable Writing That If You Get What I'm Saying. Okay So I Will Update This Frequently And Fill In The Lists As Time Goes On.


~Ticci Toby
~The Puppeteer
~Dark Link


~They a Find Your Ticklish And Hold It Against You
~They Want Your Attention
~They Think You Died In Your Sleep
~You Get Kidnapped And They Find You
~They Accidentally Hit You
~You Steal His Clothes
~You Get Powers
~Finding Out What He Secretly Does
~When He's Sick

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