You Try To Get Him Over His Fear (Part Two)

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~~Eyeless Jack~~

You recently E.J was terrified of hospitals. You had no idea why but you found out by when your relative had gotten hurt and he refused to bring you there, even you going alone. You talked to Slender and he explained what had happened. Something about Jeff telling E.J that there were actually ghosts making people ill.But you were determined to make him face this and show him there wasn't anything to worry about.

You and E.J were lying around the house being lazy when your relative called you up and asked to see your boyfriend. You smirked knowing this was perfect. You told E.J that you were going to get some ice cream and he tagged along. You got into your car and started driving. You turned right and E.J said confused,

"You were supposed to make a left..."

"Yeah. This ice cream place is inside a big building!" You said enthusiastically. He had his doubts but ignored it and went with whatever you were planning. You arrived at the hospital, and he started freaking out.

"What're we doing here?" He asked panicked. 

"Getting Ice cream and visiting my cousin!" You said getting out of the car. You skipped along in the parking lot farther and farther away from the car where E.J refused to get out of. You were about to open the doors when E.J pulled you back.

"I'll be fine~" You sang and grabbed his arm dragging him in. He froze up immediately and gripped your arm tightly. You giggled and went down to the food court getting him some ice cream. 

"I'm not being infected with Ebola today!" He yelled scared. You rolled your eyes and licked your ice cream and he screamed.

"E.J I'm fine!" You yelled and brought him up to the room your relative was in. She/He were excited to meet E.J and everything went well besides E.J's stiffness. When you got back in the car he asked you a bunch of questions about how you were feeling. He thought you guys 'just got lucky' and refused to go in hospitals. Maybe this was why he learned how to heal people?
(Just Go With It)

~~Ben Drowned~~

As everyone knows, or most people, Ben is terrified of water. He recently had lost a bet with Sully and was dared to run a mile and roll in dirt pretending to be Smile. When he had gotten to your house he reeked of sweat, and earth. (You know that weird smell, like grass) You couldn't take it anymore and ordered him to do something about it. He refused and you kicked him out. He banged on the door multiple times before you let him in. You compromised to sit outside, and you happened to be dipping your feet i the water of your pool. He was tough and sat down but didn't dare touch the water.

"You reek.." you sighed. He apologized and sat a little further away from you.

"Doesn't help." he sighed and just gave up.

"Here close your eyes I have something that will make you smell amazing!" You exclaimed. He closed his eyes while you got your hose and prepared to throw him in the pool. Maybe not the best idea, but he would be clean at least. You snuck up behind him and pushed him in. He screamed and kicked.

"____! I'm drowning! Help!" He yelled. He was in the shallow end, that you could even stand in. You laugh and went in as he clung to you, while you pulled him out. He still wouldn't pry his hands off f your waist even after he was dry.

"Your still scared of water huh..." You sighed. He nodded and nuzzled closer yo you.

~~Lost Silver~~

Poor Silver was scared of storms,and lightning. You found this out one night when there was a tornado warning and he FLIPPED out, running down to your basement and hiding under the stairs. Guess what? The tornado didn't even happen. You planned everything out perfectly, there was a guaranteed tornado and you were going storm catching. You planned to follow it and see what happens. Silver was at your house playing Pokemon with you when he got an alert on his phone about a tornado. Again he started freaking out.

"Silver, its fine. But I have to go get some stuff at the 'store' are you coming?" You asked. He sighed, he didn't want to seem scared so he went along. You drove out and the winds got heavier. You guys saw the tornado in the distance and Silver grabbed onto you.

"Look! Its coming closer!" You said as he whimpered even more. Thunder roared and he started crying. You felt bad... You started to turn the car around when the tornado had gotten close enough to suck you guys into it. Silver was going all out with screaming 'I love you' 'We're gonna die!', crying and clinging, each time the car jerked he held on tighter. The windshield shattered and he again started screaming. The tornado left you guys on the ground in the middle of a plain field. Honestly, you were scared too, your plan didn't work out well. And Silver was in shock and scared about every little thing since then.

~~Doctor Smiley~~

He's Fearless! Just kidding. He is highly afraid of mannequins. Yes, those things that model clothes off in front of a store's display. No wonder why he barely went out to the mall. There are basically everywhere in shopping malls. But today you were determined to show him they were harmless. You got up the courage and asked him to help you go display shopping. He agreed thinking furniture but nope! Mannequins!

"You excited? I asked smirking. (Not Like That Chu Dirty Minded >.<)

"Yeah! You needed a new table anyway." He laughed. He really is clueless.
We arrived at the mall and we headed for some of my favorite stores. He flinched at the sight of them but put on tough act. You got closer to one of the display

"What about this one?" You asked pointing. He stayed as far as way as possible without it being obvious he was scared.

"Uhh.... Um... T-that's good.." He stuttered. You looked at him weird.

"Umm... nothing.." He sighed. You brought him inside the store your friend was working at who let you do whatever you wanted. You took the top half of a mannequin and asked Smiley to hold it. He refused and ran out. You laughed and went after him. He admitted so you bought him ice cream and headed home.

~~Homicidal Liu~~ ((Sully Has The Fear))

Liu and Sully had been arguing for the past hour up in your bathroom. About what? You don't know. You headed upstairs and saw Liu bursting out of the bathroom,

"I'm Too Ugly!" Sully yelled covering his face. You laughed and caught up with him.

"Sully what's wrong.." You asked. He turned away refusing. You went to uncover his mouth when he bolted to the kitchen. You chased after him for what seemed like EVER. You finally tackled him and started wrestling with him. As you were wrestling you saw a zit on his face. He quickly covered it and ran.

"Sorry ___!" Liu called out sadly.

"I'm too ugly!" Sully yelled as he ran farther and farther away.... Sully was scared of imperfections..

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