You Go Shopping With Him

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You NEEDED some new clothes, and so didn't Slender. All he had were suits and ties. You had called him over and told him you were in an emergency. It wasn't a complete needed some new clothing. He immediately teleported to you and saw you on your bed with your phone.

"Darling, what is this emergency you were talking about?" He asked looking at you confused. You smirked at him and glanced up,

"As you see.... I'm out of decent clothes and have a fashion emergency.... and so do you.." You said. He looked at his outfit and asked,

"What's wrong with it?"

"You wear that every day.." He sighed,

"Wrong, I actually have 7 different pairs of this outfit..." He said.

"Seven different shades of BORING! I am taking you to Hot Topic and we are buying some fashionable things.." You said grabbing his hand and ragging him to Hot Topic since he refused to teleport. You showed Slender the men section and went off into the women's section leaving him with his fashion instinct. Like 10 minutes after you felt something tap your shoulder. Your turned around to find slender with one single t-shirt. It was plain black.

"You. Are. Hopeless." You said grinning. You ended up having to help him look for clothes. You ended up finding a pile of clothing for him and shoved him in the dressing room.m

"I look stupid!!!!" Slender whined through the dressing room curtain. You begged him to come out, and he wouldn't so you went in. You found him in black ripped skinny jeans, and a BVB graphic tee. You hugged him and said,

"Slender I love this!" You said. He kissed you and said that he would wear this outfit. Slender had only wore it once but it was still a nice change.

~~Jeff The Killer~~

You needed a new iPhone because somebody (Smile Dog- Dog Form) too it from you and chewed it up somehow. You were begging Jeff to go with you but he didn't want to. You sat on the couch next to him and started to pull his hair.

"Jefff! Come on!" You whined.

"Stop it! That hurts!" He yelled shooing your hands away.

"Then come with me!" You said grabbing another bit of his hair.

"Fine! Gawd your annoying." He said standing up and already heading out the door. You grabbed and jacket and caught up to him. The car ride was awkward, hr he kept changing the radio to whatever song you didn't want and chuckled to himself. Once you got there you took his hand and ran to the store desperate for a new phone. When you got there Jeff went off to look at other things. You had gotten your new phone and the guy helped set it up for you, Jeff had been glaring at him the whole time. When you turned around you found Jeff running at the kid,

"Go. To. Sleep!" You stopped him, holding out your hands and he still tried to get him. You pulled him out of the store and he awkwardly stood there.

"Sorry about that.." He muttered. You nodded and kissed him.

~~Laughing Jack~~

You guys were at the carnival and you wanted to go the the gift shop with him but he kept refusing. You did everything to get him to go, pulling his hair, trying to drag him in there, trying to push him, but he wouldn't budge.

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