He Scares You!

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You and Slender have been happily dating. He was so sweet to you all the time. You never expected him to scare you. You were walking in the woods, Slender's woods to be exact. You hadn't been paying attention to where you were going because you were texting your friends. But Slender saw you, he was going to surprise you but it failed terribly. As you were walking you had sensed you were being followed, but you ignored that, Slender would kill them before the reached you. But when a hand was placed on your shoulder you turned around and smacked the,

"Hey! Watch it or I'll rip your face off!" you screamed at the man. He held up his hands and withdrew from you, holding his hands up.

"Go before I rip your face off and feed it to the dogs!" You yelled.

"Hey! Don't you know who your boyfriend is?" He asked smiling

"Slender? Why would you do that?!" You shouted

"I wanted to surprise you but no." He answered

"You aren't even Slender! Who are you?" You retorted.

"Yeah! I am! Human Form stupid!" He playfully yelled back

"Oh yeah.....Oops...." You said in a soft tone. He went up to you and hugged you.

"Sorry for scaring you....Darling..." He sighed. You nodded and hugged him back. You then went out and got ice cream together! :D

~~Jeff The Killer~~

You and Jeff played pranks on each other a lot. You had been walking home from school, in an alley. Jeff had told you alleys were safe and nobody would come out and kill you. You were walking through the alley, minding your own business. But you didn't know someone was watching and following you. So there you are just walking down the alley oblivious to the person behind you. You felt someone take your hand from behind.

"Hey!.." a deep raspy voice whispered in your ear. You whipped around to see a shadowed figure. It was too dark so all you could see was the figure.

"Watch it! My boyfriend will kill you!" You said backing away.

"Kill myself? Highly doubt that," Jeff joked.

"Jeff?! You suck!" You whined nudging his arm. He laughed and hugged you.

"I'm glad you thought of me....when you said I would kill whoever was there.." He said. You nodded.

"Okay... now after you gave me a heart attack..... Can we watch a movie?" You asked. He nodded and you two went to see the movie of your choice!

~~Laughing Jack~~

You and LJ have been hanging out out. He wasn't the romantic type so you barely did anything romantic. But today he was taking you to October-Fest! You were in a haunted graveyard. Going through the path you turned around to see Jack wasn't there. You continued your way, wondering where Jack was. When you got up to a certain part in the graveyard, someone pulled you behind it. You screamed and kicked whoever was in front of you.

"Oww! ____!" Once you heard his voice you knew it was Jack.

"Sorry Jack! I thought you were someone else..." You said helping him up.

"Okay... remind me never to do that again..." Jack sighed. You too enjoyed the rest of the October-Fest! He never dared to scare you like that again.

~~Eyeless Jack~~

You and Jack had been dating happily. He didn't ever be mean to you, and was always loyal. You were lounging on your couch, minding your own business. You forgot Jack was coming over and had locked the door, you always left it unlocked for him. You were watching TV when you heard banging on your door, and it wouldn't stop.

"____?!" The muffled voice yelled from the other side of the door. You couldn't figure out who it was. You ran into the kitchen and grabbed a frying pan. You went to the door and the banging didn't stop. Soon the door burst open and you swung the frying pan in fright.

"____?...." The guy asked. You opened your eyes to see Jack.

"Jack?! Sorry! I thought you were a murderer!" You protested.

"I basically am." He replied on the ground. You helped him up and then enjoyed a movie together.

~~Ben Drowned~~

You and Ben were playing video games together, not really paying attention of what Ben was doing. You were playing Battlefield Hardline. Absorbed in the game you noticed it was glitching.

"What the fudge!" You yelled at the TV. It kept glitching and you were getting mad. The game had been running smoothly one minute, and glitching the next. You had to reconnect and disconnect so many times. Once it was FINALLY working. Finally it worked. You didn't know that =Ben was trying to give you a message so you hadn't payed attention to the words coming up in the corner of the screen. He got angry and had popped up in the screen. You steamed and thre the controller at him.

"OWW!" He screeched. Your heart calmed down and you helped him up.

"Sorry...." You said before helping him up.

~~Lost Silver~~

You and silver had been happily dating. He was so sweet and cute! His stutters were adorable so you never thought he would scare you. You were playing Pokemon, forgetting that Silver was supposed to come over any minute. Absorbed in the game, you didn't really realize the time. You were playing until someone (Silver) randomly teleported out. You screamed, not realizing it was Silver.

"____? What's w-wrong?" Silver asked worriedly.

"Didn't expect you to come out..." You said breathing calmly, so trying the calm down your speeding heart.

"I'm sorry ___! I-I d-didn't mean t-to..." He trailed off, pulling you into a hug.

~~Dr. Smiley~~

You and Smiley had been dating happily. He would freak you out sometimes by holding his scalpel to your wrist (playfully). He would always laugh when you would freak out. You did not like sharp stuff against your skin. So one day you were peacefully sleeping on your bed. Smiley thought it would be a good idea to duct tape you to the bed. You woke up to a screeching sound.

"____... Your next...." Smiley said. You identified the sound to be a woman screaming. Soon blood splattered all over you.

"Smiley! Why are you doing this!" You pleaded as he walked over to your with some surgical tool. He saw you struggling and laughed at you. He fell to the floor laughing.

"Smiley?! You had me terrified!!!" You yelled at him. He laughed even harder. You looked around to find a bucket labeled fake blood, and a computer screen with people screaming. You struggled to get out of the tape but you weren't strong enough.

"Sorry about that...." Smiley chuckled as he took the sharp tool and cut you out of the tape. Let's just say you didn't talk to him the rest of the day.

((A/N- Sorry this is soooooooooooooo delayed! My comp is broken and I tried to finish at school for a week with 20 mins everyday and it didn't work out. So I decided to do it on my iPad even though there isn't a bold letter option! Tomorrow in school I'll make the headings bold but bear with me for the next 24 hours!))

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