He Confesses & Asks You Out

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You and Slender had been hanging out for at least 2 months. You would either meet up in the woods, or hang at the Mansion with all the guys. You had really grown close, you had even told your friends about him. On fall day you were hanging out in a tree, drawing and listening to music. You looked around to find an odd sight of Slender and Ben. You took out your ear buds and listened in on their conversation,

"But... look at me. I'm... I'm a monster.. even I know that. Is she even my friend? Or is it an act to make me feel better?" A voice said, loud enough for you to hear them.

"Go for it bro! Who cares? YOLO Right?" Ben asked smirking.

"Who cares?! I care! I can ruin a perfectly good friendship!" Slender yelled. You could hear perfectly of what was going on and you waited to hear the rest of the conversation.

"So if she denies you, go back to being friends. Jeez. Not that hard." Ben answered. You thought about and realized Slender may finally have a girlfriend. You jumped out of the tree and ran to them.

"OMG! Your going to ask a girl out? Who?" You asked excitedly. Ben looked at Slender mischievously. Slender looked down. You looked at him curiously.

"Well? Who is it?" Ben joined in. Slender's face quickly turned red.

"Well.... uh.... ____ will you go out with me?" Slender said quickly, his face turning beat red. You looked at him confused.

"Is..... Is that a no?" He said with a dejected face.

"No! I never said that....!" You said realizing you had feelings for Slender. You hugged him and he hugged you back. Ben stood there awkwardly, then finally left you guys alone. You couldn't see it, but Slender had been holding back tears of joy. He finally found happiness.

--Jeff The Killer--

You and Jeff had grown closer and closer. Jeff would act different whenever you got close to him, or touched him. (Whenever you watched movies you would lay on his lap) You were hanging out in your bedroom when Jeff came in through the window.

"Hey! movie or nah?" You asked. You noticed he was holding something behind his back.

"Jeff..... whats that? I swear if your going to kill me!" You said a little freaked out. Jeff took notice and quickly denied it,

"No! No. Nothing like that!" You looked at him a little scared.

"Look. Don't worry. It will be fine. Hopefully..." He mumbled the last part so you couldn't hear him.

"Jeff what is going on? I'm getting freaked out!" You said. He quickly grabbed your wrist, tight enough so you couldn't escape.

"Don't worry. If anything I should (Be freaked out). Um... ___ would you possibly be interested in dating me... I know I'm a monster, but if you could accept that.." He asked.

"Jeff? Are you serious?!" You asked hugging him.

"Dead serious." He hugged you back. He finally had something in his life, he could protect.

--Laughing Jack--

You and LJ have been hanging out for a while. He was still upset about the roller coaster experience but you just laughed.He had told you stories, he thought was funny, about him killing children. You pretended to laugh, although you were a little freaked out. One day you were waiting for him at the amusement park where you first met. You arrived at the abandoned fun house like last time. You looked around to find it 'empty' You jumped when a hand grabbed your shoulder.

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