Alpha Wife

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*Mew and Gulf are a mafia couple who are driving home from a dangerous operation.

*slight mature

*Sorry in advance for the lameness I wrote this for MY entertainment only.


M: Gulf what the hell is wrong with you.

G: There's nothing wrong with me, but I'm a leader for a reason. I'm supposed to take care of my team.

M: I never said you can't take care of them. I'm just saying that you shouldn't jump infront of a fucking bullet.

G: Don't curse at me.

M: Are you listening to me Gulf.

Gulf didn't respond as he closed his eyes tuning out his husband. They had just come from an operation that was supposed to be quiet and quick. But some enemies had heard that the couple would be out and wanted to end at least one of their lives.

Gulfs men were the one accompanying him and Mew so when an enemy tried to shoot one of gulfs main guard, he jumped infront of the other pushing them both away in the nick of time.

Mew took that as an opportunity to fire multiple shots at the assailant whom he guessed to be their leader, because after he fell their enemies began to retreat.


Reaching their mansion Gulf left the car not bothering to close the door.

Mew let out a frustrated breath as he watched his husband go in.

Closing Gulfs side door he went to their bedroom to see the other change clothes and make his way to bed.

M: Babe.


M: Baby? I'm sorry na. I'm no longer angry.

Mew spoke as he made slow steps towards where his angry lover laid.

M: It's just that my brain and heart comprehend the thought of you getting injured or hurt. And you always putting others above your safety scare the shit out of me. Every single day.

Still Gulf said nothing.

M: Babe?

Mew crawled hesitantly towards the place his lover laid. The furthest end of the bed. Back facing him.

Reaching Gulf he leaned his head at the dip between gulfs neck and shoulders, snuggling.

Everyone in their group knew how soft Mew was with his lover.

Yes Mew was the ALPHA leader but Gulf. He was the leader of the ALPHA.

M: Sorry na. na. I promise I won't yell at you again. Just talk to me na. Yell at me. Punch my chest. Glare at me. I'll take anything as long as it's from you baby.

Gulf just shrugged Mews head off his shoulders.

Mew knew that if Gulf went to bed mad at him his anger was going to last for a few more days t least. Better to settle it down and calm his husband then wait for Gulf to calm down himself.

Crawling ontop of Gulf he pushed him lightly that his back was now on the bed as he hovered above his lover.

Gulfs eyes remained closed as he kept up his sleeping charade.

M: Babe.

Mew whispered as he dropped his head to his husband's neck. Sniffing sensually. Gulfs body tensed up as he fought to keep up his act.

M: You know I just care about your safety. It's not that I don't trust your men but they signed up for this. They signed up to put our lives above theirs and if you keep jumping infront of bullets for them, then what's the point of keeping them around.

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