My Submissive Professor

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*Mew an architectural professor: 26
*Gulf an architectural student: 22


"Okay, everyone, I'm sure we all know that finals are coming up soon, so I want everyone to have an idea of what exam you'd want to take first. Unlike other departments our test will be extended because there's 2 parts of it. One is for interior designs and another for buildings. Both will require the blueprints being turned in with it their models, understand?"

"Yes, professor." His students affirmed.

"Make sure to send the class President what you plan on doing by the end of the week, and I will get back to everyone after all submissions are turned in. Class dismissed."

As others started to pack up, there were a few students who stayed behind to talk to their professor. After a while the class got empty.

After attending to his last student, Mew began to clean off his desk only to hear the soft patting of shoes making their way towards him.

He looked up carefully almost as though he expected to see a ghost child, only to be met with the class President, Gulf.

"Sir. Mew? I have a question I'd like to ask."

"Go ahead Gulf. Is it about today's lesson?"

"No. Far from it. It's a personal question. Do you mind if I ask?"

"If i can answer, i will. No promises though Nong."

"Do you by any chance have a spouse? Girlfriend or boyfriend?"

He wasn't shocked at question itself but whom it was coming from. Many of his co-workers, and other students have asked him continously but he always brushed it off. Never really giving anyone an answer.

"At the moment, no. My only focus is on my career as of now." Why didn't he just play off the question like every other time, he absolutely has no idea.

"Are you sure Sir Mew?"

"100%. Is that all then Nong, I must be on my way now."

"Hold on I have one more thing to say, Sir."

"Okay what is it?"

"I think this is very common for children all across the world, right Sir?" Mew scratched his head as he weirdly stared at the student who was speaking in puzzles.

"What does that mean?"

"I'm saying its a universl experience for all parents to tell their young ones to never lie, because lying is bad, correct?"

"I don't get what you're getting at N'Gulf."

"You said that as of now, your focus is only on your career, right?"

"Yes. I said that. How does that correlate?"

"It seems as though your focus isn't only on your career. Not with the intense sport you play with yourself to avoid eye contact with me Sir."

Mew face flushes slightly as he subtly bites his lips, eyes once again not meeting Gulf's. He finally gets what his student was referring to.

"I don't get what you mean nong."

"Really Suppasit, sir?" He could hear the amusement in the other's tone.

His student was now officially standing within 2 feet from him. Even with that much space given, Mew was starting to feel as though he was cornered to a wall.

"That's not the only thing I've noticed. As a teacher you tend to show favoritism a bit more differently than others, don't you think?"

"What favoritism? I put all my students on the same scale of care, respect and attention."

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