The Light

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*Continuation of Scared of the Dark.
*Not a quarrel but.... here it is

There he laid.

Lifelessly in bed.

Well almost.

The sleeping pills stopped working a long time ago, the only thing it did now was slow down their heart rate.

Rubbing his eyes frustratedly Mew climbed out of bed brushing his hair back only to cover it with a beanie.

He should have probably washed up before leaving his house, but who was he going to impress?

There's nobody there anymore.


Entering the pharmacy Mew walked to the counter looking for someone to help.

P: Sorry sir in this situation I can't give you anything without a doctors note.

Not really being in the right state of mind to argue with the person behind the counter Mew made his way to the exit.

Opening the door harshly he accidentally hit the person entering square on the nose.

?: FUCK!

An accidental cursed escaped their lips.

Letting go quickly of the door Mew stopped in his steps to apologize to the victim.

M: I'm sorry. Really really sorry. Please forgive me.

?: It's fine. I'm not mad, it just really hurts.

The person stood there lifting their face to the sky as if to stop something from coming down.

Either tears or the blood that Mew spotted dripping down their face.

M: Oh my goodness. Let me help you.

?: No- not its fine.

Freaking out hesitantly reached for the person as he dragged them into the pharmacy.

It's a medicine store, there's no way they wouldn't have somethinghing to treat this.


Mew sat silently on one of the few seats the pharmacy had, waiting for the person bleeding nose to get treated.

A few minutes later the employee was followed out by the victim.

Sporting shoulder length dark hair and dressed casually with a bandaid and cotton stuffed perfectly in their structured nose Mew witnessed as the victim thanked the staff who handed them a two tiny bags, each with their own labels.

M: I'm sorry once more for the injury. I wasn't watching where I was going and then this happened.

?: It's fine, everything got fixed no need to stress.

M: I feel really guilty. Is there any way I can make it up to you? Like treat you out as an apology, or anything you suggest.

?: No. Mew really, I'm fine.


The way the words rolled perfectly out of the others mouth made Mew stumble to finally lift his head.

All this while he felt too ashamed to look up at the person he injured, but now his eyes met with a pair of familiar ones.

M: Gulf?

His lips whispered subconsciously.

?: I'm sorry?

M: I'm sorry. It's just that you reminded be of a certain someone, and important someone.

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