My Cold Husband 2

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It was date night at the Suppasit household. Gulf lay in the arms of his man as Mew searched different movie apps in an attempt to find something to suit both of their tastes.

While his husband was more of a comedy or action guy, Mew was big on romance. Heart-gripping, swooning, attention-grabbing romance. Thinking the best mix would have been a rom-com, but Gulf dislikes romance. He even teases Mew every time he says or does something sappy.

Ironically enough Gulf is one of the most romantic people Mew has ever seen. Well not one that others can physically see, only Mew sees it. And Mew prays nobody else will ever see this side of Gulf.

Gulf's subconscious clinginess toward Mew, he sees to be the most romantic thing he's ever seen. Mew's name is the only one with an emoji on his phone. He's always visibly calmer and close whenever Mew is in eye view. The subtle subconscious touches Gulf does just to know that Mew is beside him, he finds those endearing. While others may not view it as romantic, Mew sees it as such.

With the obvious indifference towards others Gulf was born with, Mew always wonders where Gulfs fondness for him came from.

From the first time they met, he remembered no matter how thick and firm those eyes and brows of his were, they never had a cold feeling when Mew looked at them. It was more of a signal of distress in trying to get Mew's attention without words than it was hostility.

Call him crazy but where everybody else sees Gulf's poker face, Mew sees so many emotions.

As he thought deeply and mesmerizingly of his husband, he had almost forgotten what he was meant to be doing. The feeling of Gulf gently playing with his free hand drew him back to reality.

"Are you okay? you were zoned out for quite a while."

"I'm fine." He smiled as he softly pulled his hand away only to gently smoothed the forming wrinkles between Gulf's brows. "Really. I was just thinking about something."

"What thing?"

"Don't worry. it's nothing about work or something that would stress me out."

"Then....- never mind." Gulf pouted. He didn't want to seem invasive but when it comes to Mew he always wants to know what's going on with his man.

Pecking the pout, "I was thinking about my little red bird." Mew smiled as he explained his thoughts. He refers to Gulf as red bird, the one in angry birds because him and Gulf share the similarly with their thick and always scrunching brows.

"I told you to stop that." He retaliated by pushing back on Mews forehead.

"How about we go out instead tonight. I feel like our scheldues have really locked us in, should we instead have dinner outside?" Mew suggested as he trapped his husbands playful hand in a soft hold.

"I- I wouldn't mind, but-" Mew gave a breathy laugh as he realized what his husband was trying to say.

"Come here lazy birdie, I'll do it for you." Gulf has the tendencies of not wanting to do more than is humanly needed to get throughout his day. Considering how badly he wants to go out with Mew but the thought of having to change his whole outfit into something more decent for the weather and settings its what's causing his husband to smile so sweetly and teasingly at him.

"That's why I married you. I knew you would be a good errand boy." He smiled as he kissed Mew on the cheek.

Dressed in matching beige sweat suits, they topped it off with matching caps and long coats. Gulf pouted at Mew and followed with "We look like we came out of a teddy bear factory."

His lover never failed to keep him amused. One could never truly guess what Gulfs next words could be, not even he himself would know.

"Daddy Teddy and Pappa Teddy. All we need now is baby bear don't you think?" Mew winked as he wrapped his hands around Gulf lower body.

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