Ignoring My Boyfriend Prank

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*Gulf decides to play a prank on Mew, but things don't go as planned for him.

"Hello sweethearts, and welcome back to MewGulf channel. As the title already gave it away, we're going to be pranking P'Mew today. Yayy." Gulf gave soft claps at the camera with a dashing smile and closed eyes, expressing his joy.

"Right now, Mew is currently out, so I have enough time to explain what my plan is and to set up the cameras.

You might be wondering why I'm doing this, so I'll tell you. Recently, Mew has been busy with meetings and traveling and rarely has time for me. Blah Blah, I know it's part of his job, but I'm his boyfriend and deserve some sort of attention, you know? So anyways today, I'm going to get that attention one way or another. I'm going to dress up and pretend I'm going somewhere, and if he asks me anything, I'll pretend that I don't see him, okay??. Okay. Let's get started."

Gulf changed his clothes to a thin see-through white Tee shirt, fitted jeans, styled his hair, and applied light makeup. Placing his outing shoes by the door, he set up 2 cameras around the apartment. One sitting on a stuff animal in their room, giving them a view of everything in front of the bed. The other is placed subtly behind the television and is hidden by a pair of picture frames in the living room.

"Okay, guys, the cameras are set, and he should he home in about 5 minutes, okay?" He kept mumbling as he did some last-minute decisions that weren't relevant to let the audience know.

Gulf could hear the sound of keys at the door so he looked at the camera giving it a sly smirk.

"My boyfie is here." He mouthed at the camera.

As Mew walked in their house Gulf went to their bedroom and pretended to look for something. He could hear as Mew called for him, but didn't say anything. He scrolled on his phone as he waited for Mew to enter their room.

2 minutes later Mew opened the door as he did a quick scan of the room, looking for his man.

"Oh babe you're here. I've been calling you for a while why didn't you answer?" He asked as he walked towards Gulf for his daily hug and kiss on the cheek.

Gulf managed to escape before Mew could get close to him. Playing a downloaded ring tone, Gulf distanced himself from Mew to answer his fake call.

"Oh, hey Jen I'll be leaving soon. I just got ready." As Gulf was on the phone Mew made his way towards him determined to get his hug and kiss, only for Gulf to dodge it once again.

"Babe it's fine I won't bother you. Just let me hug you okay, and maybe my kiss too."

Gulf paid no mind to him as he continued his fake phone conversation.

"Who's all going? Come on Jen, just tell me. Okay you're no fun. Lemme find a few things first then I'll be on my way."

Ending the "call" Gulf made his way to his makeup area as he reapplied lip makeup and a bit more blush.

"Babe aren't you going to say hi and ask me how my day was? hmm? I'm really tired and everything was stressful."

Still not answering he closed the box and turned off the light around his makeup station.

Mew watched as Gulf carefully put everything away, and did a once over in the mirror.

"Babe are you going somewhere? Who are you going with?" Walking past the bed where Mew sat Gulf exited the room.

"Babe? Gulf? Babby? Did I do something to make you mad? Why are you not responding? Are you mad at me?" Mew thought out loud.

Following Gulf to the living room, he watched as the other guy walk to the shoe cupboard to pick out a pair of white sneakers.

"Gulffieee. Won't you answer me? Why are you leaving, hmm babe? You didn't even tell me you were gonna be going out today."

Mew walked up behind him to give Gulf little neck kisses as he clinged unto the other guy, and god did it take all in Gulf not to fold that instant.

Mew's lips are so fucking soft, and him clinging to Gulf is so adorable.

Pretending not to mind, Gulf continued his goal which was wearing his shoes.

Mew grabbed the shoes and threw it back in the cupboard before lifting Gulf up and setting him on the shoe cupboard, standing between his legs.

"Babe you look so hot right now, did you know that?" Getting closer to kiss Gulf's lips, had the other pushing Mew by the chest.

"Babe where are you going dressed up this much huh? You usually don't apply makeup unless we're going out together. You're wearing such a thin shirt, and those jeans hugging your features so tightly are making me jealous of whoever you're gonna meet." Holding Gulf by the waist Mew attempted to plant another kiss, anywhere would be fine but Gulf won't let him kiss him.

Squeezing the other by the waist Mew hands traveled to Gulfs face to get the other to look at him. "Babe look at me na. What's wrong. Why are you avoiding me? Avoiding my hugs, kisses, my eyes?" He asked almost looking teary at the other guy.

oh shit. why was he crying? He knows Gulf doesn't like it when he cries and now this bitch is about to start crying.

Looking in another direction Gulf pretended that he didn't see his boyfriend.

This prank wasn't going the way he wanted it to.

Mew wasn't supposed to be this soft. Mew was supposed to be a bit more possessive, a bit more forceful, a bit more jealous, domineering, crazy. But why is he so soft. so fucking adorable. so warm and caring. even though I'm ignoring him, he thinks he's at fault. even though he's tired from work and has been busy all week he still managed to find time for me here and there, talk to me, give me daily hugs and kisses. Cuddle with me in bed.

God I'm so shitty. I made my love cry.

"Come here love. you didn't do anything. give me a hug." Gulf gave in within seconds, goddammit I guess we'll just have to do another prank.

He kissed Mew's soft head of hair as he softly rubbed his back in an up and down motion.

"Love I'm not really mad. It was just for a video, see." He walked to where he hid the camera in the living room, and the one in the bedroom and showed them to Mew. "Sorry okay?" He became so soft in a matter of minutes. Well that was the biggest fail ever. Not only did he not get content but he also made his lover cry. Never again. he's gonna have to do another set of pranks.

"Okay guys as you can see the prank didn't go as planned. Mewwie made me lose so easily to him. Isn't my boyfriend so cute?" Gulf smiled at the camera as Mew sat behind him and cuddled in his neck. "Guys I guess we have to find something else to do, but hey at least you saw how cute our big Mew is. Let's try not to hurt him in the future okay? Okay Goodbye Sweethearts let's meet next time."

Gulf turned off the cameras as he looked back at his boyfriend who wouldn't remove his face from Gulfs neck, nor loosen his grip on Gulfs waist.

"Okay fine. you don't have to let go, but let's just go to bed. You're tired from work after all, let's take a nap first then we'll talk later okay?" Gulf smiled as he saw shake his head.

"Come on Mew aren't you tired? Let's get you to bed." Once again he said no.

"why not then?"

"I'll only go to bed if you sleep with me."

"But I'm not tired though."

Mew pouted at his boyfriend before Gulf gave out an soft sigh and agreed to sleep with Mew. "After you fall asleep I'll leave, how about that?"


Making their way to their room, Mew stayed close to Gulf as they laid in bed. "Okay sleep now." Kissing Mew on the head he too drifted off to sleep.


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