Poor Thein

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*Mew and Gulf are having a couples argument and a poor servant is involved.

*Thein-26 *Mew-28 *Gulf-24

Mew let out a huff as he walked in the living room catching the attention of the servants who were currently dusting and the guards that stood at command.

M: Where is thein I need him to accompany me somewhere?

T: I'm here sir.

The main guard said as he entered from the kitchen.

T:What car should we take?

M: Any car works.

Mew went to wait outside as Thein grabbed the black BMW keys.

As he made his way to the main doors he heard Gulf's voice yelling his name.

T: he ran towards the living room only to see an annoyed Gulf.

G: Where are you off to?

T: I'm off to drop Sir.. Mew somewhere.

G: Where is that?

T: He hasn't told me yet.

G: Then I guess it's not important. Follow me to the kitchen.

Gulf walked passed the younger male as he disappeared into the kitchen.

Thein and the other servants made short eye contact as they all silently whimpered.

They know this behavior, they've seen it multiple times.

Sir Gulf is most likely having an argument with Sir. Mew and in times like this, it most likely means he lost the argument so his one and only goal is to irritate Mew beyond his breaking point.

Right now it's best if everyone stayed out of Sir. Mew sight, in a way it would be avoiding Sir. Gulf too.

But look who's lucky day it is to accidentally get caught in the middle.


T: Coming Sir.

Handing the car keys to the nearest servant he ran after Gulf.

T: Sir what would you like today then?

G: Just give me a bottle of water for now and accompany me to do some puzzles. I know my husband probably stressed you out this week and you just need a day of breathing fresh air. Right thein?

The poor guy really wish he had taken the day off today as requested by the couple last week.

T: Sure, Sir. Gulf.

Today was not the day to fall into more traps.

G: Here you take the Unscramble words puzzle and I'll do Sudoku.

T: Thank you sir.

G: No problem.

As they settled into their respective seats Mew walked in the kitchen looking pissed off.

M: Thein what did I ask of you? Where the hell have you been?

He yelled without noticing Gulf on the other side of Thein.

T: S-sorry sir. I'll be with you right away.

Before the poor guy could leave his seat Gulf had placed a hand on his shoulder stopping him from moving any further.

G: Mew, can't you see that we're really busy? You have a liscence don't you, why don't you put it to its purpose.

Giving Gulf a piercing stare, the younger returned his husbands glare with a bored expression.

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