Pregnancy Talks (mpreg)

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*3rd Trimister in which Gulf's babies are attempting to force their way out.

"MEWWW, I'll fight these little fuckers before they kill me." Gulf screamed at the top of his lungs as his twins continously kicked everytime he attempted to sit down.

He's been standing beside the couch and knocking on it aggressively everytime his sons kick.

His husband ran out the bathroom, shirtless, with shaving foam smeared on half his face. "Hang on baby. I'll look it up how to help." Looking around the living room for his phone, he didn't find his but Gulfs'. "It says here to play soothing music or sounds that resemble a heartbeat."

Connecting the phone to the speaker Mew played soft piano music instead, heartbeat sounds will be used later at night if his son's decides to trouble Gulf again.

As the music played over the speakers, he dimmed the lights that surrounded them attempting to calm Gulf. A calm Gulf means calmer babies.

Directing Gulf to the couch, he unbuttoned the stolen dress shirt from his closet and massaged Gulfs stomach.

"My little musicians, are you trying to play the drums in pa's stomach? If you keep kicking and tapping then I have to suffer from pa's screaming, so let's calm down okay." Gulf smiled as he saw his husband speaking with half a face of shaving cream at his stomach.

Mew held the big stomach in his hands as though he was observing a priceless trophy.

"First let's start with breathing exercises okay? Tap if you can hear me, remember kicking pa will only cost all of us to cry when you come out." Mew could see tiny imprints stretching from within Gulfs stomach, this alerted him that his children were listening.

The breathing exercises didn't last long, next Mew massaged Gulf's stomach with his warm hands then wiped it down with a warm towel.

Within minutes Gulf was blacked out as he laid on his back. Because of the fear of what could be, Mew upgraded their couch during pregnancy to a 2-in-1. Bed convertible.

Stretching out the couch bed, Mew moved Gulf to it and placed the covers on him.

By the time Gulf had woken up it was already dark outside. Mew had fallen asleep on the floor below him with the facial cream scattered on the carpet.

Gulf wanted to drink, but also didn't want to disturb Mew, so he carefully got off the couch and waddled to the kitchen.

They had to do some rearranging so Gulf could reach for certain items. Cups now laid on the countertop above a spread towel, unlike Mew who gets his from the cupboard.

After drinking he went to get some ice-cream sundae topped with strawberries and whipped cream.

He craves sweets constantly since he got pregnant, but since that isn't the healthiest choice of food for babies development, Mew only buys one small tube of ice-cream for each month and Gulf has to learn to maintain his intense sugar cravings.

He got filled really quickly and decided to make a quick meal for Mew, unfortunately he dropped a cooking pan which startled Mew awake.

He began to cry a little as he felt disappointed in himself for not being able to pick up the dropped item.

"Fucking pan, why did you have to drop huh? Are you bullying me because you know I can't bend down that far? Such a whore of a pan."

Mew could hear his husband cursing out the pan as he walked in the kitchen to check on the noise.

"Gulfie what did I say about using profanities. Children can hear everything even if they're not out yet. We're going to have to fix that vocab soon my love. Also let me help you pick it up."

Grabbing the pan from the floor, he set it on the offed stove next to Gulf. "Babe I told you if you ever needed help with something that you should ask me. We don't want to overexert you now, do we? Here go sit and tell me what you'd like to make."

The next hour was followed by intense cooking instructions from Gulf and Mew diligently following each step.

After the food got served Gulf was beginning to get restless as the babies were once again becoming active. It's like they could see the food being plated and was growing in excitement.

As Mew gave Gulf his plate he gently caressed his husbands stomach before planting a gentle kiss on it, this warranted happy movements from the twins.

"No- I can't do this. Let's get these babies out. They won't let me sit or sleep it's impossible." Gulf complained to his husband as he had to disturb Mew from his sleep because the twins were once again becoming restless.

As Mew woke up Gulf felt an intense pain shoot throughout his body and the space around him become wet.

Incoherent gasps slipped off his lips as he harshly tapped Mew on his legs. "Mew. Hospital."

The barely awake man sat confused at what his husband could possibly be wanting at such a late hour.

"MEW! HOSPITAL. My water- AHHH. MEW HOSPITAL" The sudden harsh slap he got on his leg from Gulf signaled him that things were getting intense.

The pain in his waist was strong and his legs felt as though they lost all strength for a quick second.

Mew panicked as he forgot what he was supposed to be doing. He would make his way to Gulf but then his husband scream would send him in the direction of the already packed baby bag. The car was already loaded with other necessities, the only things needed was the main hospital bag and to carefully guide Gulf to the car then hospital.

Both men currently sat in Gulfs assigned room as the situation was a false alarm. It wasn't his wager that broke, he just ended up peeing and the body pain was because he can't find a proper position to lay down in on his bed.

Since the due date is close there's going to be a lot of close calls and the doctor gave them pointer on how to figure out if it's a false or actual alarm.

"Thanks doc." Mew waiied as the doctor stepped out to give the couple a break.

"Mew I'm putting them up for adoption when they come. I can barely sleep or move and now they chose this time to be insanely active? What are they, athletes? I'll send you and your kids away if another false alarm happens. I'M DONE. These are our only birthing children, want more? ADOPT! I'm fucking done." Gulf pushed himself off the bed and waddled out the room, Mew trailing behind.

God Gulf's temper is insane, one minute he will be cooing over the children but once they start twisting, turning and not letting him sleep he's curses like a bomb going off. They will really have to work on that.

Lowkey want to make this longer, but my house is too freaking hot and it's killing my vibe to do anything. Can't wait for the temperature to get fixed, hopefully my mood goes with it. Also i just wanted to release some chapters because I've been wanting to jump back into writing, since my mental health is becoming better.

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