My Cold Husband

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*Gulf is cold and distant towards anyone and everyone that's not Mew.

Sitting in a cold, big glass window office that gave a very explicit view of the outside world, Gulf the Owner of Marx Corps gave orders to his secretary.

"Resecheldue the finance department meeting for 9am tomorrow. For the investors I'd like individual meetings scheduled with the top 2 other investors before the full meeting next week."

Securing all the notes in his tablet, the secretary looked back at his boss.

"Anything else sir?"

"No. That should be all for now."

"Okay I'll head out now sir."

"Okay...actually wait Jen. Print out all the needed documents for me. I'm leaving within the hour, I'll finish my work from home today."

"Yes sir." Bowing, the secretary quietly left.

Within 20 minutes everything was already printed and clipped neatly together in a folder. Jen delivered the paper to his boss desk, and asked his boss personal driver to come out front to drop him home.

"Sir everything is completed. Your driver is downstairs waiting for you, anything else?"

"No. I'll be leaving now. Lock my office, tell the janitor there's no need to clean in it today. I have some things in there that shouldn't be meddled with. Everything should stay the same as I'm leaving it. Not even the air should shift, got it?"

"Yes sir."

As Gulf exited, Jen locked his office door behind him.

The ride home did not feel as short as Gulf wanted it to be. Too much traffic.

Upon entering his luxurious city penthouse, Gulf discarded his work clothes and undid his professionally styled hair. Wearing a pair of light grey sweat pants and a loose black sweater, Gulf grabbed his car keys and made his way to the airport.

He was there to pick up his husband, whom was returning from an overseas business trip later turned to a short vacation.

Within 5 minutes he could see as others left his husbands assigned gate number. Luckily his husband was one of the firsts to get out.

With open arms, he readily encouraged his lover to accept his embrace. And he would be a fool to decline.

"Babyyy, I missed youuu." His lover breathed a calming breath in his neck as he slowly tightened his hold of his husband.

"Liar. If you really missed me, you wouldn't have added that vacation to the original time limit."

"Baby it wasn't really a vacation, because you wasn't there with me. Plus it was only an extra day spent there."

"Okay time to let go. Let me help you carry your luggage." Mew smiled at his husbands offer and pecked his softly on his plump lips.

"It's fine baby. You probably just got off work, you're most likely more tired than I am."

"You just got off a plane after a week of work, I think you deserve the break more than I do."

"Okay." Giving one last peck go Gulf, Mew intertwined their hands as they made their way to the car.

After putting all of Mews things away, Gulf sent his husband to take a nap, as he completed the little remains of his office work.

In no more than an hour he was done with the work, he decided to make something that Mew would have to eat after waking up.

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