『 Chapter ☆ 1: A Fateful Encounter 』

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Font Key:

Bold = (With brackets is a small AN), to put emphasis on words in thoughts, also emphasis for anything extremely important (doesn't include minor emphasis (see italics) which is still important but not quite as important).

Italic = Flashbacks, words characters say to themselves in their heads uses " ", used to put emphasis on words in normal font. Can also be someone telling a story in not in the present if accompanied by these: 『 』

Standard = Present time, first person thoughts/observations that are not words a character speaks to them self in their head, with " " are words spoken out loud , words characters say to themselves in their heads durring flashbacks uses " ".

~ ~ = Time skip (placed in the middle of the page)

~ ~ ~ = The break in the page to distinguish the difference between what is part of the story and what isn't.

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 In Teyvat, owls have been regarded as a symbol of wisdom, bringer of destiny.

The owl found by the hands of a god with no place to call it's own, was offered it's position.
"Guide others on their journey" it said. The owl, grateful to it's saviour dutifully fulfilled its mission, however unbeknownst to her, with chains of gold, became caged into submission. Along the journey the owl tamed the wind, tempered flames of war into friendship, moved the immovable stone, thawed frozen ice and found solace in flowing water. Bestowing her wisdom on others and in turn gaining it herself, the chains, now seen by her, held captive, leave the owl unable to soar. Desperately trying to escape into the open air, once, twice, thrice before falling to despair. With hope in fragments, shattered like glass, her gentle heart ridden with frost, she resigns herself to her fate. For it was never kind to her.

But hope does not die easily, the smallest sparks can become the fiercest of flames.

(Y/n)'s POV

Walking through rolling hills and gliding from cliff to cliff, I make my way through the uneven terrains of Mondstadt. The wind blows my (h/l), (h/c) hair behind me carrying a Cecilia in its wake. Grabbing hold of the delicate flower I inspect it, twirling the stem between my fingers. The fragrance, a staple of Mondstadt, land of the anemo archon, a place I have travelled to many times.

Unlike the last time I visited, I come with fairly unimportant business. Business being collecting fish and gaining the blessing of the residing Archon. The destination being Starfell Lake. As a wandering traveler I complete tasks as part of the Adventurer's Guild. It's the easiest way to make money while continuing my nomadic lifestyle. Tasks as simple as this are fairly common and dare I say boring. But it pays the bills so I can't complain too much.

Tucking the white flower gently behind my ear, I continue down the path, the city of Mondstadt behind me as I make my way through the Whispering Woods. The sound of crickets in the night is peaceful as the moonlight peeks through the trees, accompanied by the occasional lamp grass lighting the way. The gentle cool breeze rustles the leaves above as I exit the forest, carefully weaving my way past hilichurl camps, giving them a wide berth so as to not have to go through the trouble of having to fight them.

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