Authors Note (1k special explanation)

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So here's the situation with the 1k special....

After writing the draft about a month ago on a topic that I thought sounded cool on paper, I came to realize that:

1: I know absolutely nothing about twitch or twitch culture

2: I don't know much about early genshin characters or mechanics because I only came during the 1.4 update to genshin as well as not owning the characters I'm talking about.

Because of this I don't want to turn out a really bad quality chapter. It's gotten to the point that I've come to nickname this the devil chapter because I hate writing it, but I feel bad after hinting that I would do one.

If I decide to not drop this 1k special chapter then It's gonna be out before the next proper chapter of Moira which is one of the reasons why it's been stagnant for a bit.

Add that to my exams (which are now over) that I had plus my motivation to play genshin during my free time also played a part in the wait.

So here is what I want to ask you. Do you want me to:

1: drop this 1k chapter entirely and move into writing the next chapter of the main plotline


2: get maybe one of you readers to help me crack through this thing to post it for you? (I honestly don't think I can get through this specific one chapter on my own because I really dislike it and the current thing is just not up to par with what I want in my writing)

Please comment your thoughts on the respective options. If you want to go with the second one and try to help me get through this one, just @ me in the comment on here and we can move things to discord to work together.

Once again, very sorry for the delay in the past bit.

Thankyou for supporting Moira!


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