Love Interests

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(List of love interests. This story is a reverse harem with multiple endings for each character.

This story will have a few female love interests for you lesbian and bi readers but there will be more male options than female.  If I did all the characters, that would be way way too many to keep track of and I probably wouldn't be able to do them justice. I'm still debating whether I'll end up doing all the male characters in the game as love interests or not, but just expect a lot of genshin guys interested in (Y/n).

**Also to let you know The personalities of the characters I will be trying my best to get them as accurate as possible. But I will be going with canon personalities/my interpretation from the source material to write them.

I just wanted to clear this up if people are confused that characters aren't acting the way you are used to seeing them portrayed. (That means no fan interpretation Scaramouche's little sadistic kuudere personality, tsundere Xiao and complete jerk angry Diluc (often found in chat fics) will not be present because my interpretation of the source material indicates that that way of acting isn't really in character so they won't be like that.

However, if you think I'm not portraying part of any of the characters quite right please let me know in the comments and suggest what you think would help stay more on point. It helps me a lot and I'd love to hear your opinions. No promises I will go with your suggestions if I don't think it fits but once again those comments are welcome! Even if it's just to tell me that I'm portraying them right, knowing I'm doing these characters justice is one of the most important things to me.**

THE LIST MAY BE ADDED TO AT ANY POINT IN TIME (especially because Genshin Impact is still an ongoing game as of August 1st, 2021) SO MAKE SURE TO COME BACK TO CHECK IT EVERY ONCE AND A WHILE.)

Male Love Interests:

:Female love Interests


Aether                                    Lumine


Diluc                                       Lisa
Kaeya                                      Mona


Zhongli                                   Ganyu


Thoma                                    Ayaka







That's all for now, see you in the next chapter!


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