『 Chapter ☆ 13: Into The Lion's Den 』

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(Y/n)'s POV

On our way to Springvale, the six of us take the time for further discussion on the Fatui's possible motives as well as the method in which we will retrieve the lyre.
"I don't quite agree with your reasoning Jean." Venti begins as we continue down the path. "My theory is that the Fatui are trying to use Dvalin to bring Lord Barbatos out of hiding." The bard reveals, catching the attention of everyone in the group.
"The Anemo Archon? He hasn't been seen for more than a thousand years. What makes you think that is their intention?" Diluc questions the musician in a skeptical manner.
"That's not quite true. The last time the Anemo Archon was seen was five hundred years ago when Lord Barbatos and the Dragon of the East defeated Duran. The historical data gathered within Mondstadt, let alone the expansive archives in Sumeru's Academia can attest to that." I correct the wine tycoon who nods in understanding before apologizing for his historical inaccuracy.
"Err...just an educated guess I suppose?" The teal eyed man replies to the redhead's question awkwardly with a waver in his voice. From the looks of it, the raven haired man definitely has something he wishes to hide. The rest of the group can sense it too.
"Forget it, I'd rather not pry." The ruby eyed male says before changing the subject as we reach the entrance to a small alcove.

"Here we are. Anyway, I would suggest that everyone here puts on some sort of disguise before we enter. Since our actions are going to stir them up, we'd do best to not give them a face to seek vengeance on." Diluc suggests as he pulls out four masks, putting on one of them before distributing one to Aether, Paimon and me.
"Jean? Venti? Are you two not coming?" The golden eyed male asks.
"No, it would be best for me to wait out here for diplomacy's sake." The Acting Grandmaster replies as surprisingly, the wine tycoon doesn't comment on the matter. "I can't speak for the bard himself though." The blond female continues as all eyes turn to the turquoise eyed man.
"I'd like to have a bit of fun myself, so I think I'll tag along." The green clad musician exclaims, readjusting his beret.
"Didn't you say you had no ability to fight earlier? What's with the change of heart now?" The pixie asks the male in a rather accusatory fashion.
"Hmm...did I?" Venti responds innocently which only furthers to tick the white haired female off.
"Yes you did." My blond traveling companion points out frankly as the small girl raises her head to the sky in vindication.
"Well, there wasn't much I could have done against that eye of the storm. My anemo vision won't do a thing against an anemo elemental being." The bard answers truthfully as their argument ends in a stalemate while Diluc opens his mouth to speak.

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