『 Chapter ☆ 5: Rendezvous With The Knights 』

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Bold = (With brackets is a small AN), to put emphasis on words in thoughts, also emphasis for anything extremely important (doesn't include minor emphasis (see italics) which is still important but not quite as important).

Italic = Flashbacks, words characters say to themselves in their heads uses " ", used to put emphasis on words in normal font. Can also be someone telling a story in not in the present if accompanied by these: 『 』

Standard = Present time, first person thoughts/observations that are not words a character speaks to them self in their head, with " " are words spoken out loud , words characters say to themselves in their heads durring flashbacks uses " ".

—— ~ ~ —— = The symbol for letters sent from Liyue

  ~ = Time skip (placed in the middle of the page)

~ ~ ~ = The break in the page to distinguish the difference between what is part of the story and what isn't.

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(Y/n)'s POV

Kaeya races up the many flights of stairs Mondstadt has to offer, as the two of us dodge cyclones of anemo picking up anything in its wake. I beg the blue haired man to slow down, but he simply tells me that we need to hurry if we want to properly see the 'show' before it ends. If ever there was a time I regretted ingesting alcohol, this would definitely be it. The male also says something about finding high ground, but it's barely heard over the gale raging around us. Since the highest point in Mond is the cathedral, I assume we're making our way there.

Above us, I can hear the shrieks of the dragon as bursts of seafoam green light are shot at it. If you look carefully, you can see the silhouette of a figure above the clouds using a wind glider to engage in aerial combat. A flash of blond hair allows me to make an accurate guess of the identity of Mondstadt's saviour, if the mysterious voice didn't already provide a generous hint. With a final roar, Stormterror flees the city as Aether makes his descent. The golden eyed male finally lands in front of the statue of Barbatos as we ascend the final flight of steps. Despite my wish to continue up them, the Cavalry Captain comes to a halt, putting a finger to my lips while the other holds on to me, as his periwinkle eye silently urges me to wait and listen. Last time he used my distraction to pull me out of the tavern. I know I could pull my arm out of the man's grasp but instead, I do as he asks and wait to hear the few words exchanged between the Outrider and my travelling companions.

In an instant, Amber rushes forward to check on the blond.
"Aether! A—are you hurt?" She asks as she grips tightly onto said golden eyed male's shoulders. Before he can respond, Kaeya releases my arm before motioning for me to make my move. I don't need to be told twice, as I run towards Aether and Paimon, who has now appeared because the danger has been averted.
"Aether, Paimon! You're okay." I exclaim as I reach the group. "I just finished shopping when the dragon attacked. A knight led me to the nearest building and refused to let me out until the danger had passed. I came as soon as I could." I tell them. The half lie flows naturally. Too easily that I barely even feel a small fraction of guilt.
"(Y/n)!" The fairy and my male companion exclaim as Aether sighs with relief while Paimon races forwards. Before I know it she's thrown herself into my arms. The blond and I walk towards each other, meeting in the middle.
"I'm glad you weren't outside." He informs me as he rubs the back of his neck sheepishly. "I got caught up in one of those tornados and up I went." He explains.

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