『 Chapter ☆ 4: Shopping In Mondstadt 』

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(Y/n)'s POV

   Moving from my spot in the centre of the square, I walk at a leisurely pace.
   "Now, it's time to go shopping!" I say to no one in particular as I manifest my black cloak. I then proceed to pull it over my shoulders and the hood over my head while I review my mental to do list. I need to visit the alchemy research stand within the city to get a potion from Sucrose, purchase a few food items you can't find outside of a supermarket, pick up a sword I commissioned Wagner to forge a week ago and go shopping for new clothes. The need for new attire is because my previous Mondstadt clothing suffered an accidental run in with a pyro abyss mage, who signed the edges of the sleeves and skirt. If I have time, I may even stop by Angel's share to get myself some Wolfhook Juice. While I'm not against drinking alcoholic beverages, I prefer to not partake in more than a glass which allows me to stay aware of my surroundings. Though, it's already evening so I may go for a glass of dandelion wine instead.

   Weaving through the people on the streets, I finally reach Albedo and his assistant Sucrose's alchemy lab inside the city. Albedo's understudy Timaeus is organizing some shelves filled with ingredients in the back. Clearing my throat to let him know I'm here, the male turns around.
   "Hello! How can I help you?" The brunette asks me, putting down a bottle of crystalfly cores as his eyes scan my appearance. He seems to recognize me as the man nods in understanding. "Ah, yes. You're the young woman that comes by for those advanced healing potions from Sucrose. (Y/n) I think?" He says. "She said she finished them yesterday but unfortunately she isn't here. Currently the two of them are at Dragonspine Mountain and she took the bottles with her." The male informs me.

   Just my luck, but it isn't anything new. It's not that my luck is bad, — unlike a certain infamous adventurer I often hear about from the people in the Mondstadt branch when I go to search for new commissions — the green haired girl is simply a very busy person, always engrossed in her research. It's really an admirable quality however, the fact that she moves camps a lot makes it hard to track her down to pick up the item. I'll simply have to come back later.
   "Thanks for telling me this Timaeus, please let Sucrose know that I'll be in Mond for a while. I'll come back to check if she's here tomorrow." I inform the alchemist in training as I begin to leave.

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