Chapter 1

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TW in all chapters: Blood, murder, dark scenes and curses.


Roars the alarm clock from the right side of my ear, it was as if someone was screaming inches away from me. I spent my time laying still, unable to move nor open my eyes for a minute as I had pulled an all-nighter for the test today. God I hate tests.

I rubbed my already tired eyelids and pushed myself up from the comfort of my mattress whilst turning off the aggravating sound of the alarm clock. I stared at myself at the mirror from in front of me for a second, seeing how much of a mess I am. I stood up and stretched my back, dragging my feet to the kitchen which was just a meter away from me.

I've lived in a very small apartment for most of my life with little money to spare for the things I wanted, but rather for the things I needed instead.

I slid the two fried eggs over the plate and threw a piece of bread onto the pan as to make toast. After I had finished breakfast, I showered and got ready for school. I packed the things I needed and other things such as my source of income; my work uniform in the café after school.

The fresh breeze of the Monday morning always hits different, it's rather calming yet irritating to be reminded that it's Monday once again. I plugged in my earphones and walked to school like the everyday routine.

I stopped at the front gate of the school with a low suspire, seeing the same tall man waving at me like most mornings, my second source of income and also my best friend. "(Y/n), has something happened? It usually takes you around ten minutes and thirty-seven seconds to get here." Lukas frowned while coming closer towards me.

I nudged him back and took off my earphones, "Very calculative, Lukas. Not creepy at all!" I threw my hands up in the air and walked pass by him. Lukas Bellerose, a brown-haired man with blue eyes and mid-tone skin. He was always the second top of the class and quite the ladies dream.

Though, I only see an idiot in him. Too dramatic and quite an art freak. Lukas stopped me from walking further into the school campus with one hand clenching tightly on my shoulder-blade, "I'm serious, (y/n)! It took you a minute late to get here, I was worried sick." he said.

I turned to my heels and faced him with a sullen visage, unable to cope with his nagging for today. I was already stressed enough with the upcoming tests, let alone stress over this man. "I woke up late, Lukas. And besides, why in the world would you precisely know how many minutes I would get here?" I raised a brow, piercing my stare through his blue ones.

He stepped back and scratched the back of his neck, for a second, he couldn't seem to decipher what to say. Finally, he gazed back up at me with a shrug of both of his shoulders. "Just an assignment...race you to class, (y/n)!" Lukas responded in a hurry with a tap on my shoulder before running off.

"I'm too tired for your bullshit, Lukas!" I yelled but still ran anyway as my mind was too competitive to lose.

After panting my way to the classroom, I was met with many pairs of eyes looking at my way. "Miss (L/n), you're late!" said Mr. Walters with furrowed brows, "I'm sorry, sir." I mumbled with both of my hands clenching tightly on my backpack.

I glanced up at Lukas and bit down on my lip with gritted teeth. Seeing him chuckle behind his book made my blood boil, let alone that his science book was upside-down, but Mr. Walters was too bothered to notice.

"Hurry and take a seat, Miss (L/n) before we take the test before we take the test without you." he pointed to the empty seat beside Emi. I nod my head and slithered my way through the silent classroom, feeling the burn on my cheeks out of embarrassment.

As I sat down, I looked at Lukas who was just four seats away from across my right while I mouthed curses. He stared back with his cheekbone resting on his hand, not making any expression but only a small, sly smirk curved on his lips.

Mr. Walters began to hand the test papers to each student while simultaneously explaining the directions of each numerals. Emi bumped her shoulder to mine, trying to get my attention.

I turned to her with raised brows while she rapidly clicks on her ballpoint pen, "Who do you think will get top this time, (y/n)? I'll bet on Cal." she said with a cheeky grin.

I turned away and stared at the front row, trying to look for Cal. He was always the top of the class with Lukas second behind him. He had ivory skin and beautiful locks of raven hair, he was such a dream-boy.

"(Y/n)? You should stop being a creep...he's literally looking at you," Emi whispered through my ear, making me sit up straight and blink rapidly as to make him think that I got something stuck under my eye. "Awkward.." Emi hushed in a singsong matter while I hid under my hair.

After the test, I finally felt the sense of tranquility as I handed the paper to Mr. Walters. "You may go to the cafeteria, Miss (L/n)." said he as I nod my head and left the classroom, while looking back at Emi as I gave her a thumbs up for good luck.

I looked around the cafeteria, trying to find Lukas amongst the seniors and junior students. My (e/c) eyes scanned the area but only found Cal sitting with the seniors, he was always hanging out with them quite often. Though, they seemed to be chill people from what I can see.

For a moment, we made eye contact until I finally shyly gazed down. Unexpectedly, I felt myself stumble a few inches from the concrete floor as I shoot my gaze back up to see Lukas beside me while he sipped on his carton of milk.

"Your eyes seems to be stuck somewhere...(y/n)." Lukas commented with his blue eyes dotting a stare. I felt the slinking flush of my reddened cheeks as I rolled my eyes.

"Yeah, it's the lunch lady. God, I'm hungry!" I sighed while stretching my back, going towards the line as Cal stood up from his sit, with his hands both on his pockets as he walked towards the line of people as well.

I couldn't help but smile at the thought of being able to be close to him. Lukas stopped me with a toss of one carton milk, "You don't have to get in line to get those sluggish food, (y/n). I've made you bento!" Lukas chuckled to himself and dragged me towards the empty table with one single lunchbox placed neatly on the table.

"Since when did you cook?" I raised a brow while taking a bite of the mini octopus sausage. Lukas sat beside me with his head resting on his hand, "Yeah, I lied. My chef cooked that." he winked, his reply making me groan. "Rich kid privilege, I tell you." I mumbled to myself.

"What was that, (y/n)?" asked he, "Shut up." I answered.

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