Chapter 6

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The next day came with a buzz of my phone while I tirelessly reached for it on my desk. "Hello?" I answered with my dried out voice. The phone was silent, with no one but a faint breathing to be heard from the other side, "Who is this?" I opened my eyes and asked louder.

Still, no one answered my question. I groaned and looked at the number and was staggered to realize that it was Lukas who called. The call suddenly ended in quite a haste as I felt the shivers spiraling up to my spine, the memories flooding back from what had gone down yesterday night.

I began to rumble through my thoughts, thinking of a more logical answer. He would have accidentally pushed my number and called it without realizing. "I should visit that dumbass..." I reminded myself with a doubt, indefinite of what I'm promising.

My body rolled to the other side of the bed, unsure of what to really do. Finally, I gave up from being indecisive and hopped inside the shower. The touch of the cold cerulean made me jump back in most mornings, and this is no other.

After getting ready and sliding the apron inside my backpack, I hurriedly ran out of the apartment complex and to the streets.

I huffed and puffed and eventually got inside the café with eyes that lurks around to try and find the manager as to escape her nagging that I was a minute late. After finding no one but my co-workers at the front cashier, I slid inside the staff room and took out my apron from my bag.

"Hey, (y/n). You should clean the tables, I'll handle the cashier." one of my co-workers said and left the room. I glared at the white wall and tied the apron from my back.

I'll most probably be the only one cleaning the tables, none of the employees usually like cleaning the tables around here at all. I seized the black belt and clung towels and other sanitary products for me to use as I got out of the staff room.

The café was quite the rendezvous with many business men and women alike, finding a few seconds to sip their coffee and type away from their laptops.

"Good morning, (Y/n)." a kind, yet quiescent tone greeted. I gazed up and smiled, feeling sudden comfort to see the lady from last time. I stood up straight while squeezing the towel lightly, "I..I wasn't able to formally say thank you to you, miss..." I replied shyly, tucking a strand of my hair back.

"Sit with me, (y/n)." the kind lady politely gestured me to sit across from her, "Oh, I..I can't--" I shook my head no while darting my eyes to the side of the cashier but eventually gave in as both of her hands held mine tightly.

I leaned close in a panic and smiled nervously, "Is there something you'd like to talk about, miss?" I questioned, her expression suddenly becoming sullen. "Listen to me carefully, (Y/n)," she spoke and took both of my hands as a frown appeared from her visage, "Leave this place, for he is dauntless. He's a danger to your future, I can see it." said she.

I leaned back slowly in a mystified state, bewildered over what she had said. "Wh...what? I'm sorry, but I don't get what you're trying to tell me."

The lady stood back straight and pierced her gaze towards me, "I am a psychic (y/n) and trust me, you future is far mirk than what you see." she warned while I stood up from the chair, "Miss, I'm sorry but I'm really tight right now and can't pay for my unintentional reading." I replied and began to flee away from the confounding scene.

She was probably one of the goetic's that I've read from the newspaper, how dumb I must have been to fall for her cons. "Believe the lies that compels you, (y/n). But once it finally happens, it cannot be undone." the mysterious lady said from behind, but I didn't bother to look from beyond.

My shift ended in the evening, the smell of the fresh air from outside the café was always a great end of my day.

I checked my phone and sighed, finally making up my mind as to make a quick trip to the hospital.

"Lukas Bellerose?" I leaned over to the counter with hopeful eyes as the nurse flipped through her green notebook, "He already left this morning, miss." the nurse informed me and all I could do was nod my head and leave.

I rung Lukas's number a couple of times, but every call always ends to his voice messages. "Hey stupid, it's (y/n). You didn't tell me that you were already dismissed from the hospital, hope you get better." I left a message and closed my phone.

The night had already came without crawling in all fours as my apartment was as dark as a cave. I flicked a hand to the light switch as the light bulb flickered a bit.

I turned my gaze away from the light bulb and leaned back on the door to close. But before I could even close it entirely, I peered at my bed from just across the doorway and froze, gripping on my bag tightly.

A hooded man sat on my bed with his back facing towards me. He seemed to be occupied over something as he didn't seem to notice me at all.

Slowly, I took a step back and felt the door close all way as it made a loud squeak. In that moment, it was as if my body got stoned. I wanted to run, yet I couldn't.

The unknown man turned his head to the side with raised brows, "Your home, (y/n). You're five minutes late." he said softly.

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