Chapter 9

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Class went by smoothly with our last period coming to an end in five minutes before lunch time. Emi placed her book over her face and looked at me, "What?" I asked in a whisper with my eyes darting back and forth as to watch out for Mrs. Smith.

"Did you hear? A senior had went missing a few days after the party inside the log house." Emi replied back in a mutter and scooped her hips closer towards me. "Who was it?" I leaned forward with a hand resting on my desk.

"I heard it was that asshole, Kalix Johnson," she scoffed and smiled, "He deserves it after what he did to you, (y/n)." Emi added and occupied her gaze towards her pink stained nails. I bit on my bottom lip softly and sunk my back towards the chair. "It's probably just a rumor...he might be inside the hospital still." I reasoned as the bell rung.

"That's it for today, class. You may all proceed to the cafeteria as we discuss the next topic tomorrow." said Mrs. Smith as she left the classroom. Emi and I stood up as she backed away, "Gotta go, (y/n). See you after lunch!" she waved a hand and left just before I could even utter out a word.

I turned to my heels and almost tumbled back down on my chair as I was terrorized over Lukas's gaze daggering me down. "God! You scared me, Lukas! Don't you know how to speak?" I glared and regained my momentum.

Lukas snatched my wrist and pulled me closer without a word. My shoulders promptly tensed up with my body following suit as I could no longer do anything but stare. "Let's go eat somewhere else, (y/n)." Lukas abruptly announced and started dragging me out of the classroom.

I struggled beneath his vigorous binds and eventually gave up and kicked his knee from behind. Lukas loosened his grip and stumbled back with a quiet groan, "You're being really weird, Lukas! And it's creeping me out! Can you just leave me alone for a while?" I snapped with a scowl appearing on my grimacing face.

I took a big breath in and exhaled, slowly loosening my scowling expression to neutral. "Please...give me space to breath. It's not like we're a couple, Lukas." I added and turned to the opposite direction.

I crossed both of my arms close to my chest and walked in a hustle down to the cafeteria while I ignored Lukas's call for my name from behind in protest.

I stopped slowly from the grassy field, the cold, fresh breeze hitting my skin as my eyes became blurred with my hair. I tucked it behind my ear and walked slowly towards the cafeteria. Posters of his name and picture was plastered everywhere in the entrance wall of the cafeteria.

Lukas panted from behind and stood beside me, "I'll call my father and tell him to get this disgusting face out of the campus, (y/n). Mark my words." Lukas promised as I shrugged his hand away from my shoulder and went inside the cafeteria.

I walked in line with my meal tray and tapped my foot on the concrete floor while I wait. As I gaze back up, I stumbled a few inches forward after getting pushed lightly from behind. "Hey--!" my words soon fell off my mouth after seeing who it was that was behind me as I pursed my lips close.

He looked up and smiled awkwardly and held up his hand, "Sorry, I stumbled." he excused himself while all I could do was nod my head in approval.

I turned around immediately with a fluster and took my food. After exiting the line, I couldn't help myself but look back and stare at him even just for a second glimpse.

I shook my head lightly and glued my eyes to floor as to try and hide away my creeping smile. My heart wanted to burst into fireworks, and it made me even fall harder.

I was too occupied over my thoughts that I didn't even notice what was in front of me as I trip and fell on the ground with my tray clanging down on the floor. I pulled my gaze upwards steadily and was met with a blood-boiled Gabriella with her green crop top stained with the brown, sluggish food.

" ruined my top!" she screamed as I stood up and began wiping her shirt with my sleeve. "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean it! I'll wash it for you!" I offered, even though deep inside I just wanted to laugh in front of her face.

Gabriella jabbed me away with both hands as I almost fell back down on the floor. She looked at me with narrow eyes and walked her way over with her daggering stare, it was so intense that I would have been cut up into tiny pieces.

"'s you again! Ugh! Trash." she insulted and clawed on my forearm as to pull me towards her. We stared at each other while she furrowed her brows even further, "I'll make your life like hell just as you made mine, (y/n). Mark my words." Gabriella whispered through my ear in a threatening tone and pushed me back.

Her flats clicked on the wall while I crouch down and began scooping up the food that was wasted from the tray. Many eyes stared, but I couldn't do anything but let myself be the centre of humiliation.

My eyes began to stung while I bit back on my tongue, wanting to draw in pain rather than tears to my demise. Unexpectedly, a pair of veiny hands came to my blurry view as it began to help me pick up the food from the floor.

I stopped and darted my eyes upwards as a gasp escaped from my mouth. It was him, it was Cal. He glanced back and gave me a reassuring smile, and that smile already gave me a sense of comfort. He took the tray from me and helped me stand up, "You can have mine, I don't mind." Cal said as my eyes only followed him while he carried my tray and throw it inside the bin.

I blinked as Cal disappeared from my sight. I turned to the other direction and was met with the same pair of blue eyes, but it was not like the stare I've seen before. His eyebrows twitched as he looked away from me and left.

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