Chapter 4

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"Hey...did you give me these roses?" I asked, stretching it towards Lukas's view. "Did you know that blue roses stands for mystery and attaining the impossible, (y/n)?" he questioned with a lit up face. "So you did!" I gasped and pinched his ear as to drag him closer to my face, "Stop it, (y/n)! You're ruining my figure here." he growled lowly, but I couldn't care less.

I pushed him away with a chuckle and smelled the roses, "Hate to say it, but they'll die soon from the lack of affection I'll give." I sighed. "(Y/n)," Lukas called my name as I looked, a que for him to continue. "Who gave you that red one?" Lukas pointed.

I turned and glanced down on the single pair of rose with a puzzled look, "This...isn't yours?" I query. "You should throw that away, it has thorns on it!" Lukas snatched the red one away from my hands before I could even utter out a word and began to run, "You son of a bitch, give it back!" I yelled with fiery and began to chase him down.

The long run eventually ended with me clinging onto his brown locks and pulling him back, "Give it back already Lukas." I nagged as he turned around empty-handed. "Where...where is it?" I asked and touched both of his hands as if it would magically appear.

Lukas stopped me with a hand holding onto my wrist, I gazed back up while he stared back. "What?" I tilt my head to the side with brows still furrowed, "It's valentines day, (y/n)," he reminded.

My face lit up and pointed at him with a smug smirk curved on my lips, "Are you going to treat me for dinner?" I questioned with high hopes. He laughed and pulled me closer, messing up my hair with his fist. "I would've kicked your ass by now but your treating me for dinner, so this would be an exception. Ow!" I struggled beneath his binds and ran.

The doors slid open autonomously inside the convenience store as I skipped through the aisles. My eyes scanned through the endless varieties of snacks while Lukas stood behind me, "Pick whatever, I'm no longer surprise of how much of a pig you become with the snacks." Lukas yawned.

I turned around slowly and flicked him on the forehead, "Ow!" he expressed. "This is why you're single and stuck with me, dumbass." I snapped back.

After finding our way to the local park with our bags of snacks, we sat down as I looked up at the pink sky. My pondering eyes was suddenly caught off by a flash from the corner of my eye, "The fuck?" I turned to look at Lukas who hurriedly put his hand behind his back.

"Hey, what was that? You better not post that! Let me see!" I growled and lunged forward, making Lukas fall back. "Get off me, (y/n)!" he complained, "Delete it first!" I replied and pulled on his hair.

I pinched the side of his torso as he groaned in pain and roll over, revealing his phone that he laid on. I quickly snatched it with a hand and viewed through his gallery. The mischievous smile on my face dissipated within seconds as I stared at the photos of myself. At that moment, it felt like my mind went blank.

Lukas seized the phone from my hand and immediately turned it off. "Why...why were there pictures of me?" I asked, slowly backing away. Lukas scratched the back of his neck and awkwardly laughed, " annoy you." he explained as I stood up.

"Yeah, sure creep. I have to go now, something came up." I lied and began to walk away, hearing the same heavy footsteps following from behind. I stopped and turned to my heels, ready to tell him to go away but was surprised to see him inches away from me.

"You forgot your handkerchief, stupid." he rolled his away. "Thanks.." I mumbled and left.

I twist the door open to my apartment and threw my backpack to the side and placed my shoes neatly on the mat. The sun had already left from sight and was replaced with the twinkling stars from above.

I crawled over to my bed and checked my phone as it buzz, seeing Emi's number pop up all of a sudden. "Hey, what's up?" I raised a brow, "The seniors are having a party tomorrow night, we should definitely go!" Emi screamed through the phone, "Convince me." I chuckled and rolled over.

"Cal would be there." Emi replied in a singsong matter, making me sigh and nod my head. "Fine, you've convinced me." I chuckled as she cheered and ended the call.

My eyes pierced through the window and felt my heart skip a beat as I saw a shadow from across the street for a split second, staring.

"I should really get curtains..." I said to myself and turned to the other side, gazing at the blue rose from my desk.

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