Chapter 11

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"What...what...s..stay back!" I stuttered, hearing each of my thundering heart ringing through my ears. The door creaked open quietly while Lukas slid inside, far from being welcomed inside my dark apartment.

I squeezed my hands into a ball and stood frightenedly still. I couldn't decipher whether to even run to the kitchen and grab some kind of weaponry, or jump off the balcony that was just behind me. He stepped inside with his untied pair of white rubber shoes while he closed the door shut.

"If you wanted to apologize can just text me you know! Not..not this!" I yelled with aggravation, the stressing tension I had felt showing through my tone. Lukas drifted his hand away from the silver doorknob and sunk his shoulders back with a sigh, one that seemed like an occurred fuss. Annoyance.

Lukas leisurely turned around like a slow-witted person would in answering questions. Hesitant with a hint of a mood. He pierced his eyes right through me and I was left with a small gasp escaping from my pallor lips.

A bruised eye and a tattered shirt. Lukas was a mess. He would never be at this state, just one cripple of his shirt would make his day a disaster. He threw his bag down on the floor that seemed to be in some weights as it made a oud thud with his knees crashing on the floor following suit.

The fear I felt all over my body only increased but more differently. It was no longer the terror of him, but the fright for him. I caressed his cheek and forced him to look back at me, "What happened, Lukas? Tell me!" I said, shaking him lightly.

"Did something happen back home? Did you and your father fought again? Speak to me!" I asked many rambling questions, giving my best to hear one utter of a word out of him. He looked back up at me, his visage taking me aback from how soft he looked. So fragile.

I wasn't used to it. I blinked and bit back on my tongue, speechless over what else to say. I usually see him as the prick and egotistic person that he is. But what he shows today was something else, and all I could feel was his emotions dwelling onto me.

I pulled him into a hug, burying my chin to his shoulder while combing through his locks of curly hair. He wrapped his arms around me tightly, making me jump but was too caught up from his tight bound. "You should take a shower. You can stay here for the night." I softly stated and pushed him back but was eventually pulled back closer to his heaving chest.

"Let's stay like this for a while, (y/n)," he whispered through my ear and sighed. I nod my head and strained my neck, the weight of his head on my shoulder making it ache. I pat him on the back and chuckled nervously, "You should really take a shower, Lukas." I reminded once more and tore myself away from his caressing hands.

We looked into each other's eyes while he slowly leaned in. I turned away and stood up from the floor, "I'll cook us dinner." I beamed and went to the kitchen without a second thought of gazing back at Lukas. The floor creaks and the door to the bathroom shuts close.

I let my shoulders fall to my sides and turned to my heels and picked up his backpack on the floor. I huffed from the heavy weight and dragged it to the bedside table. I slowly turned my gaze to the bathroom door, hearing the muffled sound of the shower going off from inside.

I unzipped his backpack and pierced through to see a pair of socks filled with heavy stones and other things such as thick-paged books and his cellphone. Before I could even close his backpack with questions added inside my head, another one pops in.

I creepily reached my hand inside as I took it out with wide eyes. The bathroom door unexpectedly came to a open with Lukas staring back at me with surprise. "Why are you touching my stuff, (y/n)?" Lukas asked and snatched the item out of my hand and threw it inside as he kicked his backpack to the side.

"Why...why was there a bloody glove inside? Did you hurt someone? What's happening, Lukas!" I screamed while Lukas came closer and covered my mouth with a hand. "It's not like that, (y/n)! That's...that's just a prop! You wouldn't think I'd murder someone, would you?" Lukas asked, the same expression coming back to his place.

"No...of course I can't! So why have it?" I asked and pushed myself farther back. "I told you, (y/n). It's a prop. One of my mates left it inside the theatre so I took it to give it back tomorrow. Things can get lost there easily, I'm just doing him a favor." Lukas winked, making this talk a little less tensing.

Though, I still had my doubts. I shook my head lightly and just nod my head, "Alright, fine. But what about those rocks in the socks? What's that about?"

"Self-defense." he answered rather quickly with a shrug of his shoulders. "You can get into big trouble with that, Lukas. You should just run, violence isn't an answer. It will never be." I glared and took his backpack, unzipping it and taking the socks filled with rocks out as I disposed it inside the bin.

He stared and scoffed, "Sure, (y/n)."

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