Chapter 14 1/2

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Just ask him, (y/n). You'll be fine. Was what I kept repeating over and over again in my head while I walked to school. I squeezed my sweaty palms tight, trying to find some warmth and comfort over my trembling heart.

Somehow, Emi convinced me in one of our late night talks yesterday night to ask Cal out to prom. I was only convinced over our little bet. She ask out Lukas and I ask out Cal. Though I already knew Lukas would reject her right from the get-go and I had a feeling mine would be the same.

"Have you asked him out yet?" I asked, tapping Emi on her shoulder as I sat down. She shook her head no and twirled her finger around her ebony locks. "Your friend is late today, so of course not." she rolled her eyes.

Our attention promptly came to an end when we heard a loud scream from outside. I sunk my back to my chair and crossed my arms with a displeased visage, already knowing what had occurred from outside the classroom.

Emi turned her head back to me and placed both of her elbow at the edge of my desk, "Speak of the devil, (y/n)." she winked, giving me a sly smirk. The door slammed open to reveal the same man that kissed my cheek from yesterday night.

He smiled at me and gave me a wink. I avoided eye contact as I stared at Emi, "You don't really have to do this, save yourself from the humiliation Em." I frowned.

Before she could even utter out a word, Lukas came forward and placed a single rose at my desk. My eyes darted around the throng, all seemingly giving me mixed gazes. His shiny, pearly teeth blinded my sight with a chuckle, "I forgot to give you the rose yesterday, (y/n)." he spoke.

Emi and I exchanged looks, I already knew she was making up an assumption. The door from the classroom gently opened as I tilt my head to the side, making eye contact with Cal from the front. He cast a smile on my way with a little wave.

My cheeks began to go into a flare as I gazed back down and pulled the rose down to my lap. "Thanks, Lukas." I beamed as Mr. Walters walked in.

I sat back up straight with the rose on my lap as I stared at Cal's back. I sunk my cheeks at the back of my palms and curved a little smile. After the class came to an end, Emi pushed me with a hand to my shoulder. "Hey!" I furrowed my brows, my elbow hitting the edge of the table as I felt my nerves weaken from the spite.

"Sorry," Emi teased, her eyes darting towards the front with Cal getting up from his chair with a few textbooks in hand. "He's probably going to the library know, do nerd stuffs." she shrugged her shoulders.

"Oh, please. I'd love to be a nerd, heck, I'll kill to be one! I'd be acing my scores big time." I complained in almost a shout. Emi only chuckled in response and sighed, "Fine, fine. Now go, (y/n)! He already left!" she said in a panic, landing both of her hands on my shoulder blades as she began to shove me forward.

I pulled back and nod my head, "Fine, fine! I'll go. Wish me luck, Em." I frowned with a following gulp.

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