Chapter 14 2/2

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I peeked outside of the door, my eyes already spotting Cal right away in an instant. He turned to the corner of the hallway as I followed suit, taking small and quiet steps even though the halls was loud with students chattering away.

I clenched on the rose with tight binds and my gaze glued on the floor. My thoughts were flooded by my own speech, doing my best to repeat those simple words as to avoid any stuttering. I can do this. I mumbled a little assurance to myself, taking a step forward towards the sliding door of the library.

I bit down on my tongue hard as to pinch myself if I were in an actual reality.

My hands touched the handle of the door and creepily opened it, but I wish it never ended. Not until I was ready. I huffed out a breath, doing my best to avoid the ringing beat of my heart.

The windows reflected the light from inside as the library remained with a quiet and whimsical ambience. My (e/c) eyes darted back and forth, eager to spot the boy I crushed on. At last did I saw him, sitting beside the window pane with eyes gliding over at the book he was occupied in.

I stared, letting myself indulge in his quiet and somber presence. Cals eyes lift up to my gaze in a haste as his posture stiffened in what seemed to be in a pure scare. His lips curled into a small smile as he waved a hand, "Oh, hey (y/n)." Cal said in a beam.

My tongue was tied in a knot, not being able to figure out on what to say. It almost felt like I was going to burn from my fluster after hearing my name roll out of his tongue, but I remained my composure ever so slightly. "H...hey." I stuttered and waved my shaking hand.

He beckoned me over to sit across from him while he sat back and closed the book he read. "What brought you here today?" asked he, his smile never seemingly gone. I pulled a strand of my hair back and clenched on the rose tightly. "Oh, just...just wanted to stop by and see some books," I chuckled nervously.

"So, whatcha got there, Cal?" I questioned, pointing over the book that lay on the table. "Ah, Crippling Desire, just the classic vampire story written by MixVella, you should check it out," He replied softly, suddenly going on and on about the book he read. "Though, it's quite a slow burn if you asked me." he added.

The way he told the story was charmingly enough to make me fall harder. He even made little motions and looked almost enchanced by it.

The more we talked, the better I handled the tension I felt just by being near him. "Sounds like a really good book, Cal. Youve got some good taste!" I replied in an almost yell as he signed me to quiet down. I giggled and adjusted my sit, lifting both of my arms to rest on the table as the rose I have ignored came up to a glimpse. I was comfortable, maybe too comfortable.

I shot my eyes open in a panic as he looked at me with keen eyes, "Hm, I see you got a rose there, (y/n). Did you got asked for prom already?" Cal lifted up a brow, a hint of surprise coming out of his tone.

I shook my head no profously and laid my hand back to my thighs. I glued my eyes to the rose and with a heavy sigh did I finally looked back up again, "No...well," I hitched a breath and sighed.

Cal rests his head to his palms as he stared right at me with a smirk on hiss face. From the looks of your tomatoed face, "I feel like you have someone in mind to give that to, huh?" Cal assumed, which didnt help my thought process further as I felt myself heat up once more.

I stiffened my position and relaxed my shoulders back, "Well, its—" before I could even confess, the door suddenly slammed open.

We both look back in a shock and was met eye to eye with Lukas. He looked like he just ran in a marathon with beads coming down from the side of his forehead.

"Lukas?" his name rolled out of my mouth in a mutter. He began to walk forward and pulled me up from my chair, the rose falling out of my palms. "Sorry, we have to go." Lukas stated, acknowledging Cal with a daggering glare. Cal scoffed and gazed back at me, "It was nice chatting with you, (y/n)." He said, the intense stare coming to a soft aura.

" too." I beamed, the tension coming back to a flow.

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