Chapter 12

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Lukas and I walked together at the front of the school silently without batting an eye on each other's gaze. Everyone seemed to be eyeing him, especially the girls as some gave me a sharp gaze. It was clear on what they were trying to tell me, what they wanted me to decipher on my own. Get away from him.

I stepped inches away from him with both hands clutching tightly on my backpack. It was a sight to behold, and I was not ready to make new enemies.

Cold hands clung onto my forearm tightly as I was pushed back with force. A quiet gasp came out of my mouth when I hit Lukas's shoulder. "Stay by my side, (y/n)." he whispered low with gritted teeth. "I know how much you like making enemies Lukas, but don't drag me into this." I whispered low with a sharp glare, pushing his arm away with a scratching touch.

He batted an eye and beamed his lips small. If we weren't surrounded by many observing eyes, I would have smacked his face dry. "Don't be stupid, (y/n). You think I'd go to prom with them? Blasphemy!" he shouted with a hand pressing against his chest.

I pushed him away and walked forward, already knowing that it would be his first dramatic meltdown for the morning.

"So, (y/n), thought of asking your knight in shining armor to prom next week?" asked she, pointing at the front row where Cal sat. I stared at his back, even if I couldn't see his face. In a blink, my heart skipped a beat as our eyes met. His unspoken glance already made my heart flutter without a thought. I rapidly blinked and looked down at my desk, biting down on my lower lip while I struggled to control my widening smile.

A cast of a shadow blocked my view at Cal, though I already knew who it was just from the torso up. Both of his hands slammed towards my desk, making me jump from my seat. He bent down and I could do nothing but gulp after seeing his engulfing flames of anger.

We made gazing contacts until he blinked, all of the anger that he showed unknowingly gone. Lukas's fingertips snaked around my arm and chuckled, "Tomorrow night, 8pm sharp. Don't be late, (y/n)." Lukas winked and pulled himself away, slamming the door of the classroom open.

Even if Mr. Walters were here and saw him slam the door open, he would take no heed of such acts as Lukas's father funded almost half of what Gabriella's parents did. They were both treated gently, while we were treated unequally. It made me hate him, but after knowing what goes on from behind those luxurious drapes, those feelings passed from my sight in instance.

I looked down on my palm, and there lied the theatre ticket to his play. I sighed and got up, bellowing under my breath after balling my hand into a fist. A small wound bled at my middle finger, Lukas gave me a papercut.

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