Chapter 10

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After school crawled by in all fours. The school was already talking about prom that Mr. Walters mentioned before dismissing us for the day, it was already two weeks before the event. I slid my notebook back inside my backpack and swung in to my left shoulder.

I craned my head to the side and looked at Lukas's seat, but his presence was far from near as I couldn't seem to find his blue eyes anywhere. He must have left in a hurry, considering after the little fit I had made earlier.

A part of me felt guilty, and the other part of me felt relieved to finally let out my thoughts. Though, I was complexed over what was really better. I might have uttered out too much, after all my mouth could be foul sometimes.

My view from his seat soon faltered as Emi jumped in front of me. "What's with the long face, (y/n)? You look terrible. I heard that bitch Gabriella almost clawed your guts out, is that true?" Emi asked while wrapping her hands on my shoulder.

We began to walk outside of the classroom as I stared outside the window quietly. The sun was already setting in the distance, with students walking around the campus and having the time of their lives.

Some were busy preparing for their posters in the art contests while the other students began practicing their dance moves for prom, it was a playful sight that made me chuckle. "Yeah, I accidentally bumped into her and spilled my food," I replied with a heavy suspire, throwing my head back and squeezing my eyes shut after the vivid memory of the people staring sliding back in.

Emi gasped and sunk both of her hands on my shoulder blades. I expressed a perplexed look while I met her lit up face, and I already had the hint that she wanted to know more. "Well? Did you went into a brawl with her? Kicked her ass? Tell me more, (y/n)!" Emi went jittery like a little child.

I shook my head light and softly pushed her back as it was my turn to clung on her shoulder. "If I did I should be in detention right now or the principal's office," I stated and leaned close to her ear and giggled.

"But it was worth it. After she walked away, Cal helped me. It was so dreamy, I felt like I was about to explode!" I explained with enthusiasm and did a little charade with my hand of a firework. Emi pushed me back and crossed her arms, "Shut up, that definitely didn't happen!" she rolled her eyes, unable to believe what had spat out of my mouth. I nod my head and smiled, "It did, and you have no choice but to believe me." I responded.

She shrugged her shoulders and gaze back at me at the corner of her eye, "By the way...I passed by Lukas earlier, he seemed to have slept at the wrong side of the bed." said she as my ineffable thoughts in cloud nine was burst like a bubble after hearing Lukas's name being mentioned.

I stood still and let my shoulder sink back. Before I could even tell her about my little quarrel with Lukas, my left shoulder was pulled back after a duress force brush pass me. I turned around and was gazed back with a pair of green eyes.

She pat down on her shoulder and glared, "Watch it, trash," she scoffed and turned her whole body to face me. A curved mischievous smile formed on her pink stained lips as she twirled a finger around her brunette hair. She leaned her head forward while Emi slowly pulled me back with a hand on my wrist.

"Why isn't it miss coffee shit. Aren't you supposed to be serving at that little café? Honestly, my daddy could buy that that cafe in one snap and get you fired in no time!" Gabriella laughed as the students quietly watched with their little mumbled from behind their palms.

I squeezed my hand into a fist and turned around, ignoring everything that comes out of Gabriella's mouth. "You want me to do something, (y/n)? Cause I'll gladly do so." Emi growled lowly, her visage making it clear that she minded more than I do.

"It's not worth it, Em', let's just go." I whispered and dragged her towards the stairs. "You better not show your face at prom, (y/n). I wouldn't bare to see you dancing with a chair!" she cackled as all I could do was chew on the sides of my cheek and continue walking down the stairs with Emi following suit.

"You should smack Gabriella's face, (y/n). Prove her wrong!" Emi spoke as if she was a motivational speaker, "And what, go on a blind date?" I questioned jokingly and walked further to the front gate. Emi caught up with me and nod her head with a snap of her finger, "Exactly! I can even try and set you up with you-know-who." Emi winked.

I jabbed her away and shook my head, "No way! My heart wouldn't be ready!" I said in a fluster, doing my best to maintain the creeping beam from my face.

After catching up with Emi for a few more hours, I finally left and went back to my apartment. It was already dim when I got back home, though I wouldn't lie and say that walking back at the apartment wasn't formidable as I caught a shadow in the murklins from the corner of my sight every now and then. It was like someone was following from beyond.

I unzipped my backpack and took my phone out. The screen autonomously opened and was flooded with many missed calls. I sat down on my bed and scrolled upwards, missing at least fifty plus of Lukas's call.

My cellphone buzzed on my hand as it revealed a new text message from him. "Glad you got back home safely." I read in a mumble,

"How did you know that?" I texted with sweaty palms and a palpitating hand. My eyes scanned around my apartment, trying to find him around the corner with a skip of my breath.

I stood up from my bed and ran to the lights, switching it on and opening the closets and the bathroom door. IN every corner did I look, but at last I gave up and sat down on my bed.

My body shivered from the blood-curdling message but was soon taken away after my phone buzzed. I snatched it from the comfort of my mattress and read.

"Look outside your window."

Lukas texted as I hesitantly looked at the balcony door, but no one was there. My phone began to ring while I glued my eyes on the streets, slowly but steadily pressing my phone to my ear. "Can I come in?" Lukas asked faintly through the phone as I heard the door creak behind me.

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