Chapter 8

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It was like a nightmare, and it felt like one. In that matter of moments with his quiet hum to be heard, it all felt eerie. "(Y/n)?" Lukas called my name as I heard the door shut close. I blinked, unable to move from my bed. It was like I was strapped on it tight, my body was as terrified as I was.

I looked at the corner of my eye as it widened with my pursed lips coming to a gasp. We stared at each, his wakened eyes inches away from my shoulder. "I bought you groceries at the near by store, all u have is literal moldy bread and two eggs in the fridge. What a life, (y/n)," he mocked and backed away.

With all my might did I finally got enough courage to push myself up from my bed and gaze my eyes to the kitchen. I couldn't help but sniff as the smell of pancakes lingered throughout my tiny apartment. he craned his head to the side and smiled, "I know you like pancakes with Nina's maple syrup and whip cream from Edens! So this would be a treat for the both of us." he winked.

Lukas wasn't kidding with his precise memory and my thoughts about it was complexed, I couldn't decide whether to be impressed or freaked out. Though, I'd probably say both for it was never in my memory that I ate pancakes with him before nor told him the specific brands of the syrup and whip cream I liked.

"What...what do you mean a treat for the both of us?" I questioned in hesitation. The smile that was imprinted on his lips only grew wider as he leaned his head to the side with a hint of awe from his expression, "You get to enjoy your food while I..." Lukas's words drifted off and made his way towards me slowly, yet steadily.

He reached his fingertips to the side of my hair as he tucked it under my ear, "While I get to enjoy seeing you eat." he finished.

For a minute, it was nothing but the sizzling of the pan that went off until he laughed. He pat me on the shoulder and squeezed my cheek while I groaned from the irritating pain.

I pushed him away with furrowed brows and smoothened my cheek with my palm. "You looked adorable, (y/n)! You should've seen the look on your face. But don't take it seriously, it's my new character that I'm rehearsing on! You better come to my play next month since you didn't get to see me play as Romeo last week." Lukas explained and went back to the stove.

Lukas was always playing different characters in his plays on the theatre, and every one of his characters always have one thing in common; being creepy and flirty. "Uh, yeah I will." I answered.

I stared at myself in front of the mirror and leisurely touched my split ends as the faint memory of last night slid back in, but my split ends didn't seem to be out of the ordinary. But after all, I never really paid much attention to my hair.

I frantically moved my hand back to my side when I caught a glimpse of Lukas staring at me quietly from the kitchen without one utter of a word from his mouth. I walked towards him and stared down at the cooked pancakes at the counter with Edens whip cream at the side, ready for it to be sprayed on top of the delectable pancakes.

A smiled curved on my lips as I clasped both of my hands together, "This looks so good, Lukas! Thanks." I chuckled and swiped the plate up from the counter while I fist bumped Lukas shoulder, doing my best to drift away the unnerving silence.

Before I could even walk over to the bed, a hand on my shoulder stopped me from walking any further. I froze. "You forgot the whip cream, (y/n)." said he, making my already tensed shoulders sunk back down slowly and caught my breath.

I turned around and nudged my plate towards him. Lukas sighed and rolled his eyes, taking the whip cream from the counter and spraying it on top of my pancakes. "Seriously (y/n), you're making me your slave." he glared, "Let's hurry Lukas, we don't wanna be late for class." I excused myself and opened the balcony door as I sat down and ate quietly.

I creepily turned my head around and gazed at the corner of my eye and was already met with his blue ones. He waved a hand and I scoffed, looking away immediately and back to the street.

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