Chapter 5

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Lukas walked beside me like most after schools as he stared with a small smile on his face. After seeing his phone flooded with my pictures from yesterday, I couldn't help but feel like backing away from his presence.

"What are you doing tonight, (y/n)?" Lukas asked, breaking off the tension I had felt just walking beside him. "I...I have a shift, Lukas." I excused myself and began to stride faster away from him as he ran to catch up with me, "It's the weekends (y/n). You don't have a shift tonight!" Lukas reminded as I froze in place.

"R..right! I forgot. Then I'll be staying in tonight, it's been a hectic week for me." I yawned and looked at his way, deciphering whether or not he was buying my mouth full of lies. The party tonight with the seniors was something I'm looking forward to, and to see Cal there was even better.

But I knew that I wouldn't be able to have much freedom if Lukas was there all over me. Deep down, I felt guilty over this fabrication, but I really need the time to tore myself away from him.

My eyes lingered off on its own as it laid on Cal's tall figure, making me in awe as my pursed lips part. "Home...alright, good night (y/n)." Lukas spoke, his sullen expression flickering away as a curved smile formed on his face while I stared back at his blue orbs.

I peered as he stepped inside his BMW, taking one last glance towards me before shutting the door close.

After the vehicle left without a single sight, I walked back home in a hurry. I began my hunt for the best dress I had in my wardrobe, though I couldn't seem to find any that would fit for a senior party. I shook my head and stood up with my simple (f/c) fit and flare dress.

I brushed through my hair and put on powder and a simple red lipstick which is most likely expired, but hey it was better than nothing.

My phone began to buzz from my desk as I went over and picked it up, "Hey, (y/n)! We're here in front of your apartment!" Emi announced excitedly while she waved outside my balcony. I smiled and nod my head, "I'll be down there in a sec!" I replied, dropping the call and grabbing my leather purse.

A loud honk was made from the red vehicle in front of me, indicating that Emi was inside with another person driving in the driver's seat. I opened the car door and hopped in, making eye contact with the person on the rearview mirror.

"(Y/n), meet Michael. Michael, meet (Y/n)." Emi introduced as the young man named Michael turned to me with a hand reaching out for a shake, "Hey girl, glad to finally meet you! You look fabulous." Michael winked as my cheeks flared up, "Thank you so much, you're daring yourself!" I chuckled.

Michael Wallace, a senior from Greenfield River. I've always seen her around the campus, but I never thought I'd be able to talk to her.

Emi and Michael seemed to be great friends as they blasted music from the speakers, singing the songs far from the tone while I sat quietly and drifting off under the stars.

After arriving in front of the huge log house, I couldn't help but look behind me as I saw the city scrapes from up above. Before my breath could be taken away from the beautiful view, Emi dragged me inside and was met with many seniors and juniors having the time of their life.

I stepped aside before one of the seniors could stumble towards me with a bottle of alcohol as I cringed at the sight of him, the first impression of the party had already made me start doubting of my decisions of coming here.

I sat at one of the stools from the bar and quietly looked as Emi talked with the other seniors and some with familiar faces. For a moment, I just wished to have stayed home rather than here.

My eyes scanned out the whole area and flinched after finding Cal among those people, leaning against the wooden walls with crossed arms. He seems to be as devastated of this place as I am, and that thought already somehow gave me comfort.

Unexpectedly, my little stalking was over after someone sat beside me. I looked at the man in front of me, he had a pair of hazel brown eyes and dirty blonde hair, his lips were curved in a smug smirk as he ordered two cans of beer.

"Hey there." he raised a brow in acknowledgment, "Hi, my name's (y/n)." I beamed and handed out a hand for him to shake, doing my best to not seem like a snob. "Kalix, you got a pretty name, (y/n)." Kalix winked, making me quite uncomfortable as he leaned closer.

The bartender came back with two shot glass as he beckoned me to take one. I waved both of my hands in protest and leaned back, "I...I don't really drink, I'm sorry." I replied.

Slowly, I gazed down as I felt a hand slithering up from my thigh, "Oh, come on. Just one shot." he whispered, "No thanks, I really don't want it." I answered with a forced smile, jabbing away his hand but his grip only got tighter.

"The lady has spoken, and she said she don't want it." said a low, almost growling tone. Kalix's grip loosened as he stood up from his stool, "Mind your own business, will you?" he complained as I finally gazed back up.

My eyes shot open in surprise to see Lukas in front of me, with both men towering over each other. Lukas turned to me, unfazed of the blood-boiled Kalix. "Hello (y/n), you look daring tonight." he chuckled and stumbled back after Kalix gave his first swing.

"Lukas!" I called his name with a frown crossing over my face. He ignored my calls and walked over to Kalix with an intense glare, "You're ruining my figure." he commented and took off his gray coat and tossing it towards me.

"So what?" Kalix jogged back and forth, too hyped over what was happening. All of the people inside the log house stared, including Cal who seemed to be concerned. "So you will pay for what you did." Lukas replied back calmly, swinging his fist towards Kalix's face.

His body plunged to the floor while we heard his painful grunting. The crowd began to chant the word fight with big smiles on their faces, but I was far from being able to enjoy the sight of Lukas getting hurt.

"Stop it already, Lukas!" I protested but Emi pulled me back with both hands on my shoulders. Lukas pulled Kalix towards the counter and broke the wine glass as he took the broken wine towards his throat.

The chant quiet down and eventually came to a silence as I pulled Lukas off of the blonde hair man, "Lets go, please." I plead and began to drag him out of the log house. Emi and Michael followed from behind as I went inside the backseat with Lukas. " were about to kill him, Lukas. What's wrong with you?"

Lukas turned to me with one bloody palm cupping my cheek while I stayed still, not knowing what to do.

Blood dripped down the side of his head with a few cuts and bruises on his cheeks, but those didn't seem to faze him. "I'll cut him up...his hand." he said in a faint tone that only I seemed to have heard.

I touched his hand and withdrew it away from my cheekbone as he passed out on my lap. "Should we get him to the hospital?" Emi asked, "Is that even a question, girl? Of course!" Michael answered for me with an eye roll.

I turned away and looked at the sky, wiping the dry blood from my cheek.

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