Chapter 7

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"What...what are you doing here, Lukas? And how did you got in here?" I questioned while letting my tensed shoulders sunk back. Many inquiry flooded my head, and every one of it wants to be answered.

Lukas turned his body towards me while he sat on my bed, with one hand behind his back. I gazed down and was met with his phone as he pressed the play button. We stared at each other while my voice message plays, the ungodly tension I had felt before was no match from this one.

"You missed me didn't you, (y/n)?" he chuckled to himself, but something about his smile made me uneasy. I shook my head and went to the counter, "I don't miss you, Lukas. I was just concerned, there's a difference," I explained briefly while heating up the pan to make toast.

I turned around and crossed my arms, "Stop avoiding the question, dumbass. How did you get in here?" I asked, pressing further over the abnormality of his appearance. He smiled at me and stood up, leisurely making his way over.

I leaned my back closer to the counter as my heart began to palpitate. Lukas pressed both of his palms on each side of the counter in between me and moved his chest closer towards me. My eyes darted up to look at his blue eyes, noticing the large dark circles that formed from under his eyes.

"The fuck are you doing, Lukas?" I asked and pushed him away with my eyes glued to the floor, turning my body away and to the pan.

"I saw where you hid your keys last time I came here, and you know how good my memory is (y/n). I can remember anything, even the smell of your colognes, shall I list some names and the brands that you use?" Lukas asked while I remove the already burnt toast from the pan.

I turned around and nudged the plate to Lukas, "What time are you leaving, creep?" I avoided his question and sat down on my bed. He bit down on the burnt toast, the sound of the crispy break was the only sound that was heard.

He gazed back at me and licked his fingertips. He walked towards me and sat beside me on the bed, his head slowly resting on my shoulder while I stared at the mirror in front of us. "Since I'm already here...can I sleep over?" Lukas asked while he wrap his fingertip around my hair, looking mesmerized over a piece of hair.

I pushed his head away and let my body fall on the bed, "Fine. But you're buying breakfast." I pointed with a sly smirk formed on my lips, "You got it." he pointed back and crashed down beside me.

I turned to the opposite side and faced the balcony, the strange mirk shadow seemingly gone from across the street. I flinched after feeling a light tug on my hair, I turned around to see Lukas facing me while he played with my hair.

"Seriously, get your own hair." I glared and pushed my hair to my shoulder. "Fresh lavender, you really like flower scented things don't you, (y/n)?" he laughed quietly. I ignored his voice and scoot my way farther away from him and steadily closed my eyes.

A few hours went by and all I could do was just stay still and listen to Lukas hum quietly. The tone of his voice seemed creepy yet melancholic, though I didn't know which one was more intense.

My eyes darted down to the mirror and saw Lukas slowly getting up from the bed while he kept his eyes glued on me. I shut my eyelids close and only listened carefully as the bed creak.

I turned my body around and opened my eyelids halfway open as I saw Lukas coming back with a pair of scissors. I clenched on the bedsheets tightly and shut my eyes close, "You have such pretty hair, (y/n)," he mumbled silently while he stroke my cheekbones with the tip of his fingertips, "And lovely dry lips, you should drink more water (y/n)," he spoke softly and laughed to himself.

I bit back a chilling scream and stayed still while I did my best not to cry. "You wouldn't mind if I...took a bit of your hair won't you, my (y/n)?" he questioned like he was entertaining himself as I heard a quiet snip!

"I'll destroy him, (y/n). And you won't even notice."

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