Chapter 13

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The days crawled by faster than I could ever blink as Lukas's play would roll around after an hour. I wanted to look presentable when I go there, even though I would just be once of his audience. He always had a keen eye for me, even if I was drowning over a pile of people.

I pat my face with powder and combed through my hair. I wore the best outfit I could find in my drawer which is my red, wide, pants and spaghetti strap top which is also the color of red. This was originally a full-length dress I found in the thrift shop but after a few DIY's and motivation from the internet, it made me giddy over finding new ways to cut thrifted clothes to my style.

Yesterday, I was eventually given my pay at the café and found myself a good blazer that could go perfectly with my outfit. I looked at myself in the mirror and twirled side to side confidently, admiring myself in the mirror of how beautiful I felt in a long time.

My phone began to ring at my table as I swiped the call, "Hey, what's up? Are you nervous for tonight?" I questioned with a slight chuckle, "I'm more nervous of seeing you, (y/n)." Lukas replied softly with a low sigh. "Don't be, you won't even spot me from the crowd." I rolled my eyes.

"Believe me in what I say, I will always find you (y/n)." Lukas whispered lowly, "Bit creepy, eh?" I commented with raised brows. Lukas adjusted his throat and chuckled through the phone, "A car is waiting for you downstairs, (y/n). The driver will take you to the theatre." said he.

Before I could even utter out a word, Lukas already dropped the call. I turned to the balcony and saw a black car as it honked.

As I arrived inside the theatre, blood red drapes covered the stage with its golden aligns and meddling carvings from each side. Everyone mumbled to each other, and most of them composed of elder couples or snobby riches.

The music began to play as it slowly roared into a cackling thunder in what seemed to be in a scene of a ship with both men and women driven into a panic. Many other actors ran out of the cabin inside the ship with the classic noblemen costumes and was stricken with fright alike. "Good boatswain, have care. Where's the master?" asked one.

I jumped from my sit after hearing a woman yell from out of sight. I already knew this play would be one for a ride.

I sunk back to my chair with sleepy eyes and not long did I hear his voice from the play, "A pox o' your throat, you bawling, blasphemous, incharitable dog!" Lukas exclaimed, making me bat my eyes open and look at the stage.

His eyes glance up at me as we made eye contact. A small smile appeared on my face, giving him assurance that I'll be cheering him on from afar. Lukas had two roles in the play, though as little as I knew of plays, its probably because he wanted it.

His roles were of a betrayer, a brother of a king whom he will kill and become the ruler and the other as a lowly spirit that was in debt and was to pay as the loan sharks servant. Hell is empty and all the devils are here. Lukas answered to one of the characters in the play.

It went on and on for almost an hour and a half. When the play finally came to an end, I let out a cold sigh after sitting for hours in the cold, silent room. They began to clap and I followed along with all of the actors coming out at the front of the stage with a bow.

Many people threw roses with Lukas picking up one from the stage as the actors glided away from view. I got up from my sit and adjusted my blazer and hair. I slowly walked behind the older couple from in front of me.

I looked at the stage and saw a hand waving back at me with Lukas's head popping out with a mischievous smile plastered on his lips.

I went out of the theatre and stood silently on the street, waiting for him. I stretched my back with arms stretching outwards after a long run of the play. The casts were great, and some of the scenes really meddled with my feelings.

All of my bubble of thoughts was disrupted after a pair of strong hands cinched around my waist. I froze stock-still and crooked my head to the side to see Lukas laying his head to my shoulder. His body was freezing from the cold air conditioner from inside the play. "Uhm, Lukas?" I poked his forehead but he didn't move an inch.

The people that came out of the street looked while I nervously try to pull him back. He turned his head and kissed my cheek, making me jump and push him away roughly. "What the fuck, Lukas?" I shouted but he only laughed.

He adjusted the collar of his shirt and smoothened his wrinkled sleeves without an unwavering gaze. "Sorry, I just really missed you (y/n)." Lukas said in a giddy, taking both of my arms with his.

I pulled away and smiled, "Yeah, okay weirdo." I rolled my eyes and began to walk away. He followed suit and rest his forearm around my shoulder. "You look stunning tonight, (y/n). When I saw you from the stage, I almost forgot my lines to be honest," he laughed to himself and stared at me at the corner of his eye.

"Too bad you didn't." I glared, shrugging my shoulders. We went up to a little hill where we sat down to rest on a bench. I gazed my eyes up , the twinkling stars glistening from above the dim night. "The moon is beautiful, isn't it (y/n)?"

"Yeah," I replied dryly. I turned my head towards him when I heard him scoff, "What?" I questioned, "Nothing," Lukas replied immediately.

"So, who do you wanna go to prom with (y/n)?" Lukas inquired, "If you knew, you wouldn't like it." I stared, sinking my back at the bench with arms crossed. "Ah, him," Lukas paused and stiffened his posture, looking nonchalantly forward.

He blinked and looked back at me with a straight yet stoic look. "And what if he doesn't go?" he raised a brow. I smiled and straightened my back, "I'm sure he will, Lukas." I beamed. "You can't always be too sure of everything, (y/n)." Lukas whispered with a twitching smile as he got up with a glare.

"Where are you going?" I shouted and caught up with his rapid walking, "Home. And you should too, (y/n). It's late, something bad might happen to you." Lukas answered as I stopped after the same car that drove me hear parted me from following Lukas even further.

I stood there for a second, hoping for him to look back and give me one more glance. Though, to no one's surprise he didn't. "I told you, you wouldn't like it." I mumbled to myself as I went inside the car.

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