Chapter 3

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As I slept peacefully on my bed, it was all abruptly ended by the sound of my cellphone.

I shot my eyes open in a panic, unknowingly fazed about what was going off. I turned my head to the desk beside my bed and was met with my buzzing phone.

I pushed myself upwards and snatched my phone from the wooden desk. "Who is this?" I asked with eyes still closed while muffling a yawn with my right hand.

"Red or blue?" He asked through the phone, already knowing who it was that kept spamming calls.

I furrowed my brows and looked at my phone to see that it was still too early for school.

"God damn it Lukas, it's literally five in the morning. Quit calling me and ask your butler or something." I complained with my raspy morning tone and ended the call without hearing another word from him.

After the call, I toss and turned in the bed. After hours upon hours of trying to catch back my sleep, I gave up and opened my eyes.

I checked my phone and saw a text message from Lukas, asking me red or blue once more. I rolled my eyes and threw my phone on the bed as I got up and made myself bacon and egg.

The sound of the sizzling bacon made my empty stomach grumble with famish. I turned away and looked outside the glass door, many workers seemed to be walking out early with their ears glued on the phone.

Blue or red, Lukas's question had made me ponder on what he really meant. Though, if I would have to guess it'll probably about his jacket or bag.

As I sunk deeply into my thoughts, it all came to a pop after finding myself staring at a big, red heart balloon.

"It's valentine's day..." I whispered lowly to myself.

Somehow, it made me smile at the thought of Cal giving me a rose. But I knew that wouldn't happen.

I shook my head and scurried back to the pan as I slid the two pieces of bacon and an egg on my plate.

After a few hours, I picked up my things and buttoned up my uniform as I went out of myapartment and scurry down on the exit.

I checked my phone after a buzz and saw a text message from Emi, asking me to hurry to the front gate of the school.

"Good morning, (y/n)!" Said she with a beaming smile as I waved back. Lukas seemed to be nowhere in sight, like how he usually should be. It was quite a refreshing sight.

My eyes darted around the school, seeing many students of Greenfield River High with a single pair of roses. "Am I missing something?" I asked with a raised brow. "It's valentines day, (y/n). Don't you remember the yearly mystery rose event?" Emi nudged a flower in front of my face.

"Oh, right. I forgot," I answered nervously, "And besides, there's more important things than my rose like telling me who you're giving that to!" I beamed as I wrapped my hands around her shoulder, dragging her along the campus with a sly smirk plastered onto my face.

"I'm not telling you, no way (y/n)!" she glared and pushed my head back that was inches away from her shoulder. "You're no fun." I mumbled with a pout. "I'll tell you when I'm dead." she winked and pushed me closer as we made our way inside the classroom.

We were met with many giggling and nervous students. I gazed towards the front row and felt my lips part ways, I eyed down the red rose that Cal twiddle with his fingers. I tore my eyes away from his direction and sat down at my seat.

"What's with the long face, (y/n)?" asked Emi while I laid still, staring at the tiny ant that walks. My dwindling melancholy thoughts was soon crushed as a pair of hands crushed the little ants body from in front of me.

"Good morning, (y/n)." said he, making me look up and face him upwards. "Morning." I replied dryly, "Hey, Lukas." Emi waved but he didn't seem to notice her greeting as he pulled a chair beside me. The chuckling female students were getting closer as I finally pulled myself up and look behind, almost flinching to see how close they were to Lukas.

"Say hi to your fans, Lukas." I laughed quietly in a mock while Lukas turned the page of Hamlet. "Shut up, (y/n)." he glared.

After a while, Lukas groaned and closed the book shut. He brushed through his brown locks and stood up from the chair beside me, making me pause from chatting with Emi.

He turned to the three female students, not near from being nonchalant. He opened his mouth, ready to say a word but was abruptly stopped by the loud ring of the bell.

All of the people inside the classroom went back to their seats as Mr. Walters went inside.

After the second subject down, I walked my way inside the cafeteria and sat next to Lukas. "Who do you think Emi is going to give that rose to?" I tapped on his shoulder while he scanned through the page, his hand sliding the metal tray towards me.

"Someone who I don't care for, (y/n)," Lukas looked at me and closed his book shut. "Where are you going?" I questioned, my eyes following his movement. He slid his slender arms inside his pockets and stared at the corner of his eye, "Bathroom, see you after recess (y/n)." Lukas winked and strode off.

I walked up the stairs of the third floor and twist the door open to our classroom. I squeezed my way through the crowd and was left dumbfounded over what was placed on my desk. Blue and red roses.

I turned to the corner of my eye, but Lukas was nowhere in sight.

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