Most Frustrating Requesters

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So! We've spoken about the most frustrating reviewers. Don't you think it's only fair that we turn the tables a bit, and talk about the most frustrating requesters?

I will preface by saying that, ever since I've opened up my private review store on my profile page, I've been really blessed. I haven't been at all frustrated by anyone who has requested from me -- in fact, a lot of them have amazed me with their patience and talent! So I'm very lucky.

However, back when I ran the community... And had about 5-10 people requesting in a day... Yikes. It was a wild journey.

So here are the some of the most frustrating requesters that we all see! This one is a shout-out to all reviewers out there who have probably faced a bunch of these. Y'all are the real ones.

I have decided not to give them names. Because, honestly, all of them have a single name:


So, instead, I compiled a bunch of Spotify songs. You'll see.

Also, a reminder, a KAREN does not have to be a woman. They can be anything they want to be. Even a stick up the tush.

Scratch that.

Especially a stick up the tush.

And as for anyone who has never had a stick up their tush before... just imagine it like this: it's a stick. Going up your tush. It's painful.


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Oh my goodness.

This one is eager for their review. They not only have asked you multiple times when it will be done, but they will also ask why it can't be done sooner. What's that? You have eight books to review? Why can't you do mine tomorrow?

I have literally had someone message me and tell me that they will give me votes on my story if I push their story ahead of the schedule.

I have also had someone get upset at me for refusing to push their story up in line. They said they were planning on publishing it in two weeks -- two weeks -- and needed a review before then. And I was like... hello? Be more organised? Don't request two weeks before you need something, or, if you do, find someone with a smaller waiting list?

Please. Have some patience. Breathe.

And don't get me started on the ones who literally wait for the day that their review was due, only to find out it may be a few hours delayed. I have seen someone fight a reviewer, because the reviewer said there was a delay and it would be out in the next day. The requester was so "disappointed" in their lack of organisation, and I was genuinely baffled.

Reviewing is not our profession, sadly. We have lives to live. We do this as a hobby. If we are late, it's the same reason I am still single: life just sucks.

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