|| PART II: Overall Writing Advice ||

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This part of our story will feature advice on actually writing your story. From blurbs to grammar, I'm here to help you out by going through common errors we see. Hopefully, this section will be slightly more informative (though, we will try to keep it entertaining), and we hope that this will help you hone your writing skills.

The chapters in this section, thus far, are:

1. Blurbs: How To Make Them Superb (Novels)

2. Blurbs: How To Make Them Superb (Poetry + Short Story)

3. Run-On Sentences: How To Make Them... Not Run?

4. Time-Travelling Through the Tenses

5. Country Road, Please Keep Me On The Road: Planning + Sticking To Your Plot!

6. Talk that Talk: Writing Good Dialogue

7. This Redundant Sentence is Redundant: Avoiding Redundancy In Your Writing!

8. The Greatest Battle of All: Showing vs Telling

9. Master Chef: Cooking up an "Interesting" Story

10. The Voice, Wattpad Edition: Finding Your Character Voice

11. Point of View: First Person, Second Person, Third Person, and That One Person Who Didn't Make the Love Triangle

12. Styles. Writing Styles. Not Harry Styles. 

13. Tortoise vs Hare: Pacing

14. Shpealling and-- I mean, Spelling and Proofreading.

15. Starting Your Story

16. Prologues

17. Commas And How To Use Them Correctly And Not Send Grammar Nazis Into A Coma

18. Writer's Block. Aka, The Reason You Are Reading This Story

19. A Good Protagonist

20. Foreshadowing

Twenty-One. Writing Numbers

22. World Building [without Lego]

23. Diversity

24. LGBTQ+

25. Let's Play A Game: Is This Plot Point Necessary?

26. Writing Descriptions so that your readers' hearts melt from their frozen blocks of ice, scarred by the skate blades of broken relationships, and allow beautiful sunshine warmth to flood into their hearts and scrape away the ugly slushy frozen scraps and dump the pain and heartbreak into an empty parking lot of their souls. [Aka, Writing Good Descriptions]

Additionally, if you would like me to go through a specific issue that you have - tenses, showing vs telling - let me know! You can comment anywhere on this book or shoot me a PM, and I'll take your request into consideration.

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